Have you ever stood exterior a Walmart store and marveled at the variety of surveillance cameras the are mounted to the peak of the building? There are a most them — counting in dozens — and they’re pointed in such a means as to record every solitary angle the the parking lot and entrances to the store.

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If there room that many cameras external the store, imagine how many there room inside, where they’re somewhat hidden inside the black orbs the hang native the ceiling transparent the retail space. 

As one of the world’s most popular targets because that petty thieves, Walmart goes come extraordinary lengths to avoid them . . . And they’re pretty successful at it.

Yet, ~ above an practically daily basis, people shot to go into a Walmart store and walk out v merchandise they haven’t payment for. 

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Many times, those shoplifters earn a trip to the ar lockup and a date with a judge. But that doesn’t stop some of them native attempting to do a career of it. They display up in ~ a Walmart also after being busted — sometimes repeatedly — at various other Walmarts and also earn us a expedition out that the save in handcuffs.

I’m no fool, despite what you may have actually heard, and so ns well aware that there space those who control to escape from Walmart with their unearned goods without gift caught. While I’m not privy to the stats, it more than likely stands to factor that there are much more thieves who aren’t captured than there space who are. But, at the really least, yes a better than mean chance that you’re going to wind up in the clink if you effort to escape a Walmart keep without payment for her buggy-load. Walmart has actually made loss prevention a kind of art form — and also has to, considering how generally its stores room targeted through criminals.

Sometimes thef target merchandise that at least makes their initiative seem explanatory — electronics, tools, etc. But how frequently are warrants composed for stolen items so insignificant that you don’t recognize whether come laugh or groan in ~ the thief’s plight? i mean, really? You visited jail over lip balm?

Besides those that prey top top children, there’s no facet of culture worse than thieves — vultures who swipe things that don’t belong come them because they’re also lazy to occupational for what they have like the remainder of us. In one more era, thieves were summarily shot, or hanged, for your deeds. In this polite era, we’ve identified that’s also inhumane — also harsh a punishment. Probably it is. After ~ all, the tendency continues. It’s just been a couple of years since the Tennessee general Assembly raised the threshold for felony theft indigenous $500 to $1,000. Therefore if girlfriend steal other valued in ~ $900, it’s now a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

In Oneida, though, the tendency is being reversed. Through a nod the approval from 8 hours Judicial ar Attorney general Jared Effler, Oneida Police room has complied with Knoxville PD’s lead: if you’ve formerly been trespassed by Walmart — the coporation, group bans convicted shoplifters from entering any kind of of its shop — and also you go into the Oneida Walmart come steal merchandise, you charged v burglary rather than theft . . . Which means that lip balm or any kind of other assortment of steal merchandise valued at less than $1,000 will still net you a felony charge — i beg your pardon carries an ext severe and also long-lasting results than misdemeanor theft.

I’m no sure exactly how desperate because that a brand-new laptop or curling iron i would have to be to decide to roll the dice and risk a felony tags — forfeiting my appropriate to poll or very own a gun — quite than simply paying for it.

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Because you have the right to rest assured: from the moment you obtain out that your car at Walmart until the time that you return to it, you room on camera. Opportunities are, somebody’s watching those cameras. Possibilities are, you’re walk to obtain caught. And if local authorities can’t tell who you room by looking at the camera footage, it’s been proven over and over the all they should do is post your picture from those cameras on social media, and also someone will be much more than happy come rat you the end — sometimes in a matter of minutes. 

And good on them because that doing so. ~ all, yes sir nothing worse than a thief. Ns pay for my lip balm. Girlfriend should, too. But if you select not to, laugh for the camera. It won’t lessen the trouble you’re most likely going to be in, however at least you’ll look at your ideal if you wind increase on Facebook.