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Photo courtesy Hello! Canada

Move end Jennifer and also Justin. Together of last night the most talked around celebrity engagement is Avril Lavigne and also Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. That knew castle were dating let alone knew each other?! The couple reportedly fell for each various other in February while Chad to be working through Avril on some songs for her brand-new album. The thing that had actually us seeing stars to be of food Avril’s whopping 14-carat pear shape engagement ring—that is some huge love Chad!

We just had actually to acquire a professional’s take on this exceptional bling so we referred to as one the Toronto’s glitziest jewelers Myles Mindham who told united state the dimension of the rock is absolutely an expression that the love Chad feels for Avril. “The stone Chad decided for Avril is a an extremely rare one in regards to the size and also shape,” Mindham shares. “He obviously feels Avril is a rarely love and wanted to express that with the engagement ring.” To give you some perspective on the size of Avril’s diamond, Mindham says it would certainly be about the size of a nickel (of course!). Together for cost, the is every dependent on the top quality of the stone, however Mindham says the minimum price tag for an engagement ring like Avril’s would certainly be $500,000, however it’s an ext than likely in the selection of a cool million.

“This is a the majority of ring and I’m curious to just how much us will see Avril out and around with it,” Mindham says. “I’m certain Chad wants her to wear the everyday but the concern will it is in if she is comfortable act that.” according to Mindham, a one- or two-carat sparkler is what most women feeling comfortable through for everyday wear. He claims three carats or an ext starts to end up being a small showy and not something because that everyday, but instead an ext of a cocktail or one-of-a-kind occasion piece. Once we inquiry him come recall an additional notable super-sized engagement ring of late, Mindham choose Kim Kardashian’s 22-carat emerald-cut diamond together a standout. “I wonder whereby that is now?” he laughs.

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Because Avril Lavigne’s engagement ring is so grand, Mindham says as soon as she and also Chad perform say ‘I do,’ she will likely have to wear she wedding tape on the right hand. “There will certainly be no room on her ring finger!” that says. “I’d prefer to view her wear miscellaneous micro-pave top top her ideal ring finger.”

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