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Skill: order rule about plural endings

When you readjust the type of a native to do it many (more 보다 one) monitor this rule: Words finishing with a consonant + y, adjust y to ns and include es.

Ex: look at at the word “puppy”, it ends through consonant “p” + y, apply the spelling dominance (change y to i and include es) = puppies

check out the words provided below.
army armies
baby babies
body bodies
bunny bunnies
candy candies
daddy daddies
family families
fly flies
kitty kitties
lady ladies
lilly lillies
mommy mommies
party parties
puppy puppies
sky skies
spy spies
supply supplies

Plural endings: If words ends in a collection + y, include s to the word. Example: an essential keys

bay bays
day days
key keys
kidney kidneys
tray trays
way ways
Dictation/Spelling Practicefor plurals (-y). evaluation the spelling rule regarding “y”.

______________________________ ______________________________

______________________________ ______________________________

read these sentences. The ladies provided us jerseys because that our game. We have actually two puppies and also three cats. go the babies play through the keys? did you watch the bunnies in the valley? The puppies chased the kittens. I shed my secrets in the map shop. I gave a tray of kidneys to my cat. do alley cats live in alleys? i wish there were no armies. The lady prays in ~ dinner time. Wesley research studies every night.
do a simple illustration of one of these sentences.

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If you have time for an ext elaborate art, usage the ago of this paper.