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The Chariots of light Christian Bikers room an evangelistic outreach the Jerry Savelle ns International, situated in Crowley, Texas.

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Chariots of light is an chance for friend to do a difference, law what friend love come do, and living the life of flexibility that we have actually in Christ. Reap the fellowship that Christians cursed to the Lord and to one another, and also having funny helping others to gain the ride of their lives as we attack every male world, bringing the post of victory v the belief that overcomes every adversary.

journey outs

Chariots that Light on regular basis organises ride-outs suitable for all varieties of bikes. Ours ride-outs selection from short, neighborhood Outreach"s, to continental Outreach"s.


Establish a brotherhood of other like minded Christian bikers who take an oath to stand through us, to support the much less fortunate and also defend against God"s enemies.

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Provide an opportunity to give back to communities also as carry out assistance to Rural areas, and also charities, benefits, and also donations.


“ Blessed to pray with numerous this month over self-destruction situations, consisting of an 81 year old artist.They have actually a reason for living now – Jesus!”
“Our jail outreaches this month were very successful. Worship the King! in ~ 2 the the facilities that we are blessed to walk - there were 125 decisions for Christ in all! Glory to God!”
“Awesome month because that Chariots gold Coast. We experienced 33 decisions because that Christ and ministered come 68 others. Us met a brothers in the mountains that had actually received a Chariots cross in Sturgis. What are the chances of that? We understand of His kingdom there will certainly be no end!”
“The glory of God was almost everywhere the carnival event we attended; the grace of God was manifest in everyone we ministered to, the divine Spirit and the Anointing come minister was so strong, the made that so basic to approach and and minister to people. The teenagers at the occasion would run up to us after us prayed for them to receive Jesus, and bring your friends and ask if we could pray for your friends also to obtain Jesus. Us ministered to 483 human being altogether! God is good! ”
"Thank you to the Brother who gifted me his Chariots that Lights overcome in Kelowna city park. He had actually a the majority of light in his eyes. Grateful for his blessing. Checked out the website and love what you guys do."