I supplied 3.5 rules, took the flavor text from the wiki and also did a small bit of an imaginative license for cohesion. Just how does this look come you?

Charon's nippers (Major Artifact) The sword had actually a slender, razor-edged, gleaming red blade, its size inscribed through designs the cloaked figures and tall scythes, accentuated by a black blood trough running along its center. It has actually a skull-bobbed pommel, with a hilt that appeared like whitened vertebrae. To run from it towards the crosspiece, the hilt was carved to resemble a backbone and rib-cage, and also the crosspiece itself resembled a pelvic skeleton, through legs spread out wide and bent earlier toward the head, so the the wielder's hand fit neatly within the 'bony' boundaries. Every one of the pommel, hilt and also crosspiece to be white, choose bleached bones—perfectly white, except for the eye sockets the the skull pommel, i beg your pardon seemed prefer black pits at one moment and flared through red fires the next.

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+3 crawl Magebane Longsword that Tenacious Vile Wounding

The knife Produces a red light that makes the wielder immune to Darkvision and As a complimentary action the sword may create walls of special ash together it swings. The covers the field of see of the person in former of it providing the wielder a 20% miss out on chance native those attacking at that angle.

A solitary cut from this weapon have the right to be fatal if left untreated everyone hit v the weapon would suffer 1 allude of Vile structure drain. What made that worse is the target must make a DC 25 fort save every hour as the wound festers and refuses to be healed. If the conserve is failed an additional con allude drains through slow-moving blood loss. This occurs over a 24 hour duration in which case most human being die indigenous the wound. This have the right to only be cure is if the target it s okay to consecrated grounds (Hallow spell needs to be in effect), the wound then needs to be blessed and then healing spells and Restoration spells have the right to be cast.

The knife was a sentient artifact the the Nethrese Empire; solid of will and possessed of arrogance. The knife could likewise intrude ~ above the bearer's thoughts, transforming them in dark and violence-inclined directions. Anyone that touched the tongue or take care of of this knife unprotected would need to contend with the in a fight of wills. Will certainly DC 25 or Failure intended it would burn the flesh and skin the the wielder's head away and also the wielder would die permanently.

The only means to wield the knife safely was a glove of Deathward.

This sword is Neutral angry in alignment has an int the 14 a wis 10 and a cha of a 14 but can only communicate via empathy. The swords dominatation DC is 25 and also it prefers either a solid willed wielder, or a slave. The Deathward does no protect against this.

Due come the angry nature of the blade any non-evil wielding the tongue suffers a -2 level adjustment. This never ever incurs any actual level loss, simply temporary as long as the weapon is in her possession. Once it had been removed, climate you gain back what to be lost.

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Gauntlet the Kohrin Soulez

The gauntlet to be worn ~ above the right hand. It had actually two key purposes: come shield the wielder the Charon's Claw indigenous the malicious and persistent intelligence within, and to aid in fighting wizards. By wearing the gauntlet, the owner could record magic directed at him in ~ the magical netting of the gauntlet and turn it back versus the initiator (As Spell absorption CL 20) or just dispel it. Additionally, the glove's laces pulsed to warn the wearer of magical scrying. The wearer could even detect whether the scrying was of one arcane, priestly, or psionic nature.