This distinct 4 in 1 cradle is the appropriate solution to manage baby's routine. Covering all your daytime demands the infant hug is a comfy daytime cradle, a recliner native birth, convenient highchair and also a an initial chair native 6 months.

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The infant Hug is exceptionally versatile; merely press the pedal and you can decide the perfect elevation for her baby, when the 4 braked wheels make it straightforward to move about the home so baby deserve to follow girlfriend everywhere... Also to the bathroom!

When in the recliner configuration it deserve to be supplied from birth many thanks to the soft, washable and removable insert. The toy bar consisted of will game baby v sounds, lights and toys. When in highchair mode the baby Hug deserve to be attached to tables of every heights thanks to the 4 wheels and adjustable height so the smallest member that the family can join in on all household meals.The very first chair setting is an ideal from birth and the backrest can quickly be reclined to provide maximum comfort because that baby. In the event of any accidents or spillages the liner is removable and washable.

Suitable indigenous birth

4 in 1 Cradle & seat

Daytime crib perfect from birth

Recliner suitable from birth

Highchair & first Chair suitable from 6 months

Height adjustable

4 wheels through brakes

Ideal for relocating from room come room

Reclining backrest

Includes toy bar

Removable & washable fabrics


Product Information

The Ohlala stroller is lightweight, comfy, versatile and easy to handle, this is why the is the ideal choice for problematic city life. That is ultra-compact once closed and will right inside also the smallest auto boot. It has a stand-alone structure and also the side manage makes it basic to lug around. The Chicco Ohlala Stroller is an ideal an option for parents as soon as they walk for shopping, or while travelling.With a strong and resilient aluminium frame and also premium high quality fabric, this sturdy stroller is made to last. It i do not care ultra-compact when folded and can fit inside even the smallest auto boot. It also features a independent structure and a side handle that makes it straightforward to carry around. It also comes v a spacious basket, make it convenient for mothers to keep diapers and also other vital items v their straightforward reach.Equipped with padded shoulder straps, crotch strap and reclinable rigid backrest, this remarkable stroller guarantee maximum comfort for small kids. It likewise features a large and adjustable sun hood v rain covering to save your baby defended from harmful sunlight rays, wind and rain.Key Features

Approved from birth to 15 kgAdjustable backrest including flat lying positionFront wheels deserve to be swivelled and also lockedOne-hand system to open and close and height-adjustable handle bar5-point belt attachmentSoftly padded coversLarge warehouse basketHood v raincoverVery compact once folded, stand on its own

SpecificationsBrand - ChiccoType - Ohlala StrollerAge - 0 MonthsIdeal for - Both Boys and GirlsWheeled Bottom - YesSafety harness - Yes(5 Point)Brakes - YesWheel type -Swivel & FixedStorage Basket - YesReclining place - 3Canopy - YesLeg & Rain sheathe - no includedProduct weight - 10 KgProduct measurement - 60 x 45 x 95 cm


Chicco rattle Apple

Thanks come its unique shape, the sweet apple is the perfect gripping toy. The 4 handles can be well taken on by her child and also kept.

Two handles are made of soft plastic and also offer a reassuring relief to zahnenden children. The various other two handles are made of plush.

The soft product promotes the sense of touch and also the colourful and child-friendly products are a an excellent catcher. Your boy will make

big eyes once shaking a funny rattling noise is heard and the intervention after the journal hear crackling noises.

Incredibly soft, lightweight and also colorful soil a straight hit through the please Apple for your tiny treasure!


A funny toy the accompanies your baby once out and about!

The frog is a cute new friend i beg your pardon babies can also take out and around thanks to the valuable clip-on system that permits the toy to it is in attached come the stroller.

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It stimulates babies to check out all the different play options: the frog’s feet space made from soft plastic which are ideal for teething phase, the mirror creates irradiate effects, whilst the two rings and also amusing rattling keeps the infant entertained because that hours.