Are you in search of some best chicken breeds the lay white eggs? If yes, then keep analysis this guide on great of white eggs.Some chickens lay white eggs and some brown. However there are couple of chicken each other which lay colorful eggs. If you want to know more about chickens that lay fancy eggs, here is the finish guide.I have been a chicken farmer because that the last few years for this reason in my tip if you are keeping chickens because that eggs, white egg laying chickens are among the best choices because that poultry farmers.

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White egg Vs Brown Eggs

Contents1 White egg Vs Brown Eggs2 height 7 finest Chicken Breeds that Lay White eggs (with Images)2.1 1. Leghorn Chicken2.2 2. Ancona Chickens2.3 3. Polish Chicken2.4 4. Hamburg Chicken2.5 5. California White Chicken2.6 6. Andalusian Chicken2.7 7. Egyptian Fayoumi Chicken3 Conclusion
Are you confused that chickens that lay white egg differ native brown egg layers?Whether the egg is white or brown, both have an excellent nutritional value. But most people think the brown eggs room healthier 보다 white one.So, what do you think? are brown eggs healthier 보다 white eggs?The prize is no. Both brown and also white eggs have the very same nutritional value. You have the right to see differences in egg nutrition worth if the hen have various physical activity and diet.If your chicken roams a lot in the sun, she will certainly get much more vitamin D, which lays great quality eggs. Also, if friend feed her chickens an excellent quality pre-starter come finisher feed, climate it also affects the nutritional contents of the egg. 

So, now the concern is- If there is no distinction in nutrition value of brown and white eggs, which kind of good egg great chicken breed have to you raise in your backyard farm.It is up to you whereby you are living. In your state, which color eggs have more demand.

Top 7 ideal Chicken Breeds that Lay White eggs (with Images)

Below you will know about 10 best white egg layers-

1. Leghorn Chicken


If you space a severe farmer who is trying to find white egg laying chickens, then Leghorn chicken is the best. 

This is mostly uncovered in white shade with red comb and also wattle. They live in numerous climates yet hardly in winter.According come American Poultry Association and also The American Bantam Association there are various Leghorn varieties including white, red, black-tailed red, irradiate brown, dark brown, black, buff, Columbian, buff Columbian, barred, and also silver.In Britain, the Leghorn Club recognizes eighteen colors: gold duckwing, silver- duckwing, partridge, brown, buff, exchequer, Columbian, pyle, white, black, blue, mottled, cuckoo, blue-red, lavender, red, crele, and buff Columbian.Leghorn chickens lay about 280-300 white eggs every year. 80-90% that eggs got from this amazing breed.Read the complete breed overview on Leghorn chicken here.

2. Ancona Chickens


The Ancona chicken are an additional best chicken breed the lay numerous white eggs. This breed have the right to lay up to 200-220 small size eggs.They are available in black shade feathers with tiny white dots. This is dubbed Beetle environment-friendly ground tipped through white color.The medium size Ancona chicken each other weighs about 2.5kgs typical breed and also bantam around 650gms.Pullets of Ancona each other lay egg after 5-6 month. This are really hardy and active chickens, but negative hatchers.You require an incubator because that hatching eggs. Here is our complete guide on best incubators because that hatching eggs in ~ home.Ancona chicken are great flyers, for this reason go need to make good fencing to save them safe from exterior predators. Learn much more about fencing equipments here

3. Polishing Chicken


The polish Chicken is among the beautiful white egg laying breeds. Most of the children love come play v them.It is one European breed of chicken famed for that cool looking stakes of feathers. Looks prefer the bird has actually worn a wig ~ above the head, a muffler top top the neck.

They are accessible in various colors and also varieties. This is one of the earliest breeds from about the 1600s. Follow to various sources, it originated from Spain. So numerous American Poultry Associations approved polishing chicken breeds one available. That space Non-bearded golden Non-bearded white-crested black, Non-bearded silver, Non-bearded white, mustache golden, bearded silver, mustache white, Non-bearded buff laced, Non-bearded white crested blue, mustache buff laced polish.
Polish chicken are one of the finest egg laying chickens. Castle lay around 150-180 medium to big size white color eggs.They are really friendly and love come play through your family. The roosters weigh about 6 pounds and also the hens around 4-4.5 pounds.

4. Hamburg Chicken


The Hamburg chicken it’s among the beautiful and also unique color birds. Lock have shade patches favor dalmatian dogs. Chickens of this each other are among the ideal white egg layers. Hamburg chicken is non-broody and non-friendly fowl. Therefore you may need a great incubator to hatch your eggs.Here is our step by step overview on incubating eggs.White feathers v black dots and also lines look great on them. This is a little chicken breed that lays white eggs, so most of the farmers save them just for eggs.

This breed gives about 180-200 small to medium size white eggs. Hamburg chickens room friendly and also docile. They love come fly, for this reason if there is hazard of predators in your area, use great fencing around your farm.Avoid keeping them within the coop. Offer them an are to roam. Castle are completely free-range birds. 

5. California White Chicken


It is another white chicken breed the lays white eggs. California white chicken is a sex-linked cross breed, which was resulted by mating a White Leghorn hen and a Gray California rooster.If you desire to know about Hen Vs Rooster, here is our guide on it.California White chicken is likewise a an excellent layer, choose Leghorn chicken. That is a little to tool size breed.This excellent layer produces around 280-300 white eggs every year. The egg dimension of California White chicken is smaller to medium.

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They have actually a large comb and also weight goes increase to about 4.5-5 pounds. This white chicken each other lays egg after 16-17 week of age.California White chicken is an excellent for countless climates and loves come free-range. They are basic to handle and also friendly in nature. If girlfriend are looking for a chicken breed the lays white eggs, this is a an excellent choice for you.