Children of Hecate periodically stay up all night practicing their sorcery.Other campers usually lug coffee or other hot drinks to their sleep-deprived friends indigenous cabin 20.As their mother was granted power in every the worlds (sky, ocean, earth and also underworld) through the big Three, using the four facets in their witchcraft deserve to strengthen their spell.The runes and also inscriptions in the stones they used to construct their cabin don’t only strengthen the walls of their cabin and also lessen their unintended spell-casting, but also make that so your cabin is bigger on the inside.They all even have their very own rooms together they - prefer their mom - prefer solitude.The Hecate cabin additionally has their very own treasure room in which they save objects the Hecate campers have accumulated on their quests.They only keep the wonder or fascinating objects though and also send every little thing else come the attic that the huge House.One kid gained inspired by reading Harry Potter and now a many Hecate campers have actually enchanted your ceilings as with the great Hall.Hecate likes to assist her kids learn how to use their powers.They have a large mirror to call their mom whenever they have questions or“my spell quiet didn’t work and also now we require a new couch”.Once they space claimed, Hecate offers her kids a crash food on all the various forms of magic and learns lock the basics that each.Eventually they have actually to select a specialty though, together there space too plenty of different develops of magic to excel in lock all.Naturally, lock love fantasy novels.A lot of them love put on eccentric clothing, lengthy cloak-like costume or also actual cloaks.They don’t even know why.Their grades at school usually aren’t constantly the best, but they constantly surprised (read; annoy) their teachers by knowing the many random facts.They can not know who dealt with who in the battle of Waterloo, but“did you recognize Napoleon legalised homosexuality?”“Also he stopped killing‘witches’ at the exact same time”, but them learning this has nothing to perform with their mother likewise being the goddess of trivia.“Who to be they kidding anyway, trying come drown us.”“Yeah, just since we have actually power underwater doesn’t typical they’re going come see us use it. They’ll just have actually a‘death’ to define while our genealogical sisters relocated to the next village.”“And what about our brothers? supervisor sexist if friend ask me.”Of course, kids of Hecate are all feminists no matter what their sex is.