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At the well known mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico you will uncover the Kukulkan castle, among the new seven wonders of the world.

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However Chichen Itza the much an ext than just its main pyramid. This ancient maya city had every little thing you would find in a huge metropolis, because that example: a market to trade food and also goods, ceremonial temples committed to various gods, an astronomic observatorium and of food a ball court.


There space over 1,300 ball courts in Mesoamerica. Though generally used together a place for the ball games, archeological evidence additionally indicates that they were most likely used in various other spectator sports such as wrestling as well as feasts.


The Chichén Itza sphere Court is by far the largest ar in Mesoamerica. Measuring 168 by 79 meter (551 through 230 ft) the playing ar is 2.2 time the dimension of an American soccer field. The parallel walls are each 95 meters (312 ft) long and also 8 meters (26 ft) high. The turning back hoops placed in the facility of the walls are sculpted with right into decorative feathers. There are incredible panels of ball players along the internal walls.

Fun fact: the court is acoustically perfect, if you speak to the northern wall for example, you have the right to hear it clearly at the southerly wall.



The music that the drums attracted the attention of gods and men. The key priest, through the sphere in his hands, started the game. The round was made of rubber, a product extracted from particular trees in the forest, which to be boiled and dried in the sun (it weighted approximately 3kg).

The ball had to go with a ring that was occasionally seven meters high. The players had actually to be agile, lock jumped to confront the sphere with their hips. Apparel for the game safeguarded the most delicate body parts, because the ball could cause significant bruises or injuries. The mayans provided belts and also protectors made of leather and filled v cloth.

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The gamings were serious affairs and also were offered to settle political and also social disputes. A disagreement between two next or towns might be cleared up by the recruitment of teams that would certainly play for the parties. Shedding a game would often mean decapitation. In plenty of archeological sites, a skull rack is supplied to display the heads of the victims.

Here is a recreation that the ball game performed in ~ the themed park Xcaret in Cancun so you deserve to have a better idea around how the worked. Looks tough right?

We hope you delighted in reading this post, so following time you do a Chichen Itza Tour don’t miss the ball court!