In the facility of Lake Encarthan looms the dreaded Isle of Terror, accursed floor of secret and treachery. Covert within the island"s an unfavorable energy storms, the an enig treasure city the the wizard-king Tar-Baphon has lain sealed because that centuries. Currently masked cultists have opened the gold city the Xin-Grafar to claim the riches of the legendary city for the living God Razmir. Have the right to the computers track the cultists through the poisoned swamps and blasted wastelands that the Isle the Terror come the City of gold Death itself? and also what forgotten threats will oppose them as they struggle to protect against a dark belief from spreading across the world?

City of gold Death is one adventure for 5th-level characters; that is created for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and also is compatible v the 3.5 execution of the world"s oldest RPG. The adventure attributes a mix the wilderness and also dungeon sites and includes a race with a ruined, golden city to avoid evil cultists prior to the city floods v molten gold!

This adventure is collection on the legendary Isle of Terror in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, however it can be easily adjusted for any game world. It can be offered as a stand-alone adventure or together the last chapter that the Price that Immortality trilogy, following the adventures Crypt that the Everflame and also Masks of the life God.

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Written through Joshua J. Frost

Pathfinder Modules are 32-page, high-quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open video game License to work with both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and also the typical 3.5 fantasy RPG rules set. This Pathfinder Module has four pre-made characters so players can jump right right into the action, and full-color maps to improve play.

City of gold Death is sanctioned for usage in Pathfinder society Organized Play. That is Chronicle paper and additional rules for running this module space a complimentary download (213 KB zip/PDF).

Note: This product is component of the Pathfinder Adventure Subscription.

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5/5 Firegiant5
— Dec 2, 2018, 08:26 to be
Tough and also epic slog 4/5 Ascalaphus — jan 2, 2016, 02:50 am

I played this adventure together the conclusion to the trilogy, and I think it"s finest enjoyed the way. It gives you actual investment in lastly beating her nemesis.

We played with a party the 4: barbarian 6, Alchemist 4/Barbarian 1, Zen Archer 5 and Inquisitor 5. We shortly started to feel the burn that not having actually an actual level 5 cleric as two PCs obtained hit by a very nasty curse throughout a random encounter.

The random encounters right here are the one-of-a-kind Josh Frost nasty sauce. Number of of them have the right to easily reason a TPK. We controlled to run from the scariest that them. Ns don"t think monsters early in the adventure need to stand a much better than also chance of leading to a TPK, an especially if they"re arbitrarily encounters, not a storied villain. I"m docking a star for that.

The arbitrarily encounters do serve a function in the module though: they make it clear that you"re deep into territory where you weren"t supposed to go. The Isle that Terror is not safe territory for an APL 5 party and also there"s nobody to rescue you if you fail. There"s no tide CLW wands for this reason you could want to bring a few to spare; we burned through around three wands and half a CMW wand, and all the potions we looted. Us really felt choose we were operating without a safety net here; relying on how girlfriend die, advanced Dead might not cut it.

The module is very good about sticking to layout in the monsters. All the monster were clearly picked out to include something to the flavour (and body count). Some encounters were easy, however all the bosses to be tough. That functions well to do them stand out. That point you see on the sheathe of the book is really cool hot. Girlfriend don"t often confront dragons yet this one is scary, it deserve to kill computers with a standard action if you do a poor move. Or kill you double over through a good full strike routine. And it"s not the just scary thing you face that day.

The module is mostly about the scary combats, in one absolutely epic setting. I understand my personality will never ever look at gold the same way again. However he really feels choose a gibberish hero now.

Well, ns was absolutely terrified! 2/5 keerawa — Jul 27, 2014, 07:51 afternoon

The following time my endeavor Captain tries to send me come somewhere with a name that has "Terror", "Death", or both, I"m going ago to bed.

I would say this is definitely the weakest that the trilogy the modules.

Keep in mind that ns played this as part of a four-person party, all level 5. Probably it would have actually felt much more balanced with an ext people. Yet even though us were rather combat-optimized, we discovered this to it is in a very, very complicated module, through a lot of potential because that TPK.

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There to be no roleplay come speak of, which is always a bit of a disappointed to me. The arbitrarily encounters ranged native trivial, to challenging, come brutal. (The only reason us made it to the city itself was as result of the quality of ours GM, ns think.)

Inside the city there are many dangers, together one would certainly expect. The biology pictured top top the cover shows up to be built to kill one computer per round, every round after the very first round of combat. Ouch!

After that, the remainder of the combats were reasonably straightforward, and a little of a let-down, particularly after the great build-up native "Crypt of the Everflame" and also "Masks the the life God".