I know just how it's excellent I just cant it seems to be ~ to carry out it. I've tried Theodora, Casmir, Pachucha. Ns go piety and also get the reformation and also then ns go liberty. Ns rush viewpoint to acquire the temples. I usually have actually 12 urban by 0 advertisement and produce 40+ tourism and become prominent over most civs however there space 1-2 that resist me. How have the right to I improve my method? deserve to someone write-up a video clip or tell me what I should be doing.

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Take Ethiopia they're simply hands down better because they get the more quickly religion. Screw Byzantium, speed is method more vital than anything in this strategy.

Take Pangea

Roll a kind production/faith start

Go collective rule climate Reformation. Pick 2 tourism structures for her religion and initiation rites.

Make the Oracle at some point.

Spam cities, do buildings, win. Hit the runaways with trade routes and open borders.


Things choose open boundaries are important for the highest society civilizations.

Ideally you want monasteries, mosques, and also pagodas. That provides 12 faith generation every city and 6 tourism. Add in a few wonders and great works and also you must be 80-100 tourism by 0AD

Try Maya, go liberty for the settler policy, then head to the reformation belief in piety, then earlier to finishing liberty. Make certain to finish liberty as soon as you have actually as many cities and faith structures as possible so you can pick a an excellent musician. Musician are based upon the travel you create at that point. Once the mayan calendar come up approximately that time also (Make certain you can gain to theology, the sooner the better), pick a great musician if you can. You can dual bomb the two an excellent musicians right into the society leader's land and also if you perform not have sufficient tourism at that point, the will gain tougher unless you have more tourism compared to the other civilization's culture.

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If you still want to shot and proceed the game after this point, try and regulate to prevent them from allying society city states and also working your way to futurism if all else fails. For policies after the musician bombs, i would imply getting and also finishing aethestics to try and buy great writers/ musicians/ artists since it is every cheese stuff for this come work. Use writers/ artists to pear to make as much society to try and end up aesthetics.

I go a video clip on this on multiplayer versus other players and also succeeding, i assume it would be a little different compared to singleplayer, but the base facets are there. I was fortunate with land and also places come explore, i hope it helps. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WluDWdzhdfQ

I walk a couple of other sacred sites games but they were all done with something well-known as NQMod, which is completely different come the basic game, only examine them out if interested :-p