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Civ Leader: AlexanderCiv Bonus: Hellenic League:City-state influence degrades at fifty percent and recovers at twice the common rate. Incredibly powerful for gaining loads the CS bonuses and votes for a Diplomatic Victory. Hellenic league also enables you come trespass there is no losing any type of Influence v City-States, so usage their borders to step inside and also fortify your systems until healed, then go ago after those Barbarians again.Unique Unit: Companion cavalry (Replaces Horseman):Requires Horseback talk Tech, equine Resource. Upgrades to Knight, Obsolete v Metallurgy They"ve obtained +2 Combat stamin over a Horseman, giving them 14. They"re likewise a bit an ext mobile, v 5 moves to 4. The Companion Cavalry additionally come through the an excellent Generals ns promotion, i m sorry will reason their battles to generate much more experience towards your next an excellent General. Usage these during war and also within your very own territory for their mobility and solid capacity to knock the end units favor Archers in a single charge. Favor Horsemen, they room awful against Cities for this reason don"t bother - use them come roam the enemy"s floor (preferably 3 hexes from their Cities) and eliminate their armed forces so your Hoplites and also Archers/Composite Bowmen can carry down the City"s defenses.Unique Unit: Hoplite (Replaces Spearman):Requires Bronze working Tech. Upgrades to Pikeman The Hoplite does not seem really special at first glance, having only 13 stamin to the Spearman"s 11, but that is one 18% increase. Hoplites, when deployed at an early stage enough v Archers to earlier them up, can definitely carry down old and beforehand Classical-Era Cities. Recognize your targets and also the terrain kind of the cities you want to take - hills or level land, and build your upgrades the direction. If friend can acquire to Shock or Drill II and get castle the Ranged Defense promotion, they"ll last longer against Cities and aid soak up damage.

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Use math on City-States" influence split by degeneration rate come determine just how long they"ll Ally.In this shot, I"d have 70 turns of Alliance v this City-State through 95/60 and also -0.5 per turn.
Strategies/Ideas for play Greece:Greece have the right to start Honor and go Warlike thanks to their early-game distinctive Units that are quite powerful, yet you do not necessarily want to go for a dominance Win with Alexander. It"s better to usage those abilities to obtain the land girlfriend need, focusing on adjacent Civs the are most likely to desire to War with you later, regardless. I would certainly not pick on City-States - it"s much better to have actually them around. It"s really easy to go for a Diplomatic Victory through Alexander since the Hellenic League ability will let you hold onto and also maintain your partnerships with City-States.

My encourage early-game strategy for Greece is to start legacy or Liberty. Begin with a Scout, climate Monument and also Worker if walk Liberty. Skip the Monument if going Tradition and get the free one because that your first Cities. Through Liberty, walk for the free Settler first. One of two people way, make or to buy a Worker (you desire 2 come bloom two cities quickly). Consider a 3rd City if happiness enables it. Don"t go out to settle without a Hoplite or Archer going ahead to protect it native Barbarians. By your 3rd or 4th Social Policy, embrace Honor to obtain the Combat Bonus vs Barbarians and society on kill. This will also enable you to get the technique policy and complimentary Great general for when you"re ready to War. Both merged will provide your Hoplites (primary UU because that attacking Cities in addition to ranged) a total of +30% strength against Cities. You want to skip numerous techs and focus on getting your Luxuries and Bronze working so you have the right to make Barracks and give devices promotions appropriate for the urban you"ll be taking. You want to start your strikes before 500 BC ~ above a conventional Game, for plenty of Cities will certainly be resistant to Hoplites by then and you may be facing much more dangerous troops choose pikemen and crossbowmen, depending upon the difficulty.

War is no really necessary, because that the Hoplite and also Companion mounties can it is in rushed to deal with your Continent"s barbarian problems to develop a army to discourage War and also stack bonuses come later help your Civ to bloom. Clock the Diplomatic display screen for the crossed swords and also flaming building icons and click lock to check out the ar of barbarian Encampments they want eliminated. Leaving Encampments the don"t threaten you alone, and also wait ~ above City-States to offer you Quests. The only time you get Influence for killing Barbarians is as soon as they space inside or alongside a City-State"s territory, and that is only the systems themselves, no the Encampments. Usage your Hoplites to roam the world and also exterminate these Encampments and you"ll acquire plenty of allies, quickly. Obtain Horseback talk to take you to the timeless Era and unlock Patronage, which friend should develop earlier rather than later on so the you can start building high affect with City-States, making the harder for other Civiliztions come take her Allies. This is whereby Alexander really shines, for once the Companion Cavalry and also Hoplites have done their duty in removed Barbarians and also capturing urban for you, you"ll want City-States" aid to develop up the empire you"ve created.

Hellenic organization will assist you get the happiness and extra stats you require to grow your realm after the Ancient-Medieval era Combat you must be doing. This Leader unique synergizes amazingly fine with even the very first bonus native Patronage, pass the rate of degeneration down through 25%. Usually, you"d lose 1 every turn. Through Hellenic League, it"s 0.5. Toss in the an initial rank of Patronage, and also you"ve acquired -0.25 because that all however Hostile City-States, i m sorry degrade 50% faster, but only after your bonuses ridge - so any other City-State would degrade in ~ -0.25 because that Alexander with Patronage, however hostile would loss at -0.375. V Gold Gifts, the Patronage Tree mastered and the slow-moving CS Influence decay of Hellenic League, Alexander can easily Ally Greece with every solitary City-State in the game, however not without angering various other Civs. Different Civs react with varying levels of hostility toward you acquisition their an useful Alliances. This is one very good reason to snag them beforehand - AI are more angry if you in reality steal their position as Ally. Do trades, walk for Declarations that Friendship to counter this penalty.

With Alexander, friend absolutely desire to enlightenment early and also meet all City-States girlfriend can. Talk to them and also Pledge to protect to raise the minimum affect to 10. This will certainly go in ~ 2/turn because of Hellenic organization doubling it. Even better, take the Consulates Social policy from Patronage, which will raise this resting suggest by +20 - so v a Pledge, her resting suggest is 30 and in 15 turns you would automatically get familiar with any City-State you are not at war with. One of two people way, increasing these bases prior to doing searches will obtain you partnerships fast, but you will need more Quests to cement them.

It is clear that Alexander is an extremely well-suited for a Diplomatic win in Civ 5: Brave new World, however his capacity to grow a large empire easily in the early-game can allow him to catch up come score cultural or scientific research Victory. Remember, just since you loss behind in tech does not average you can"t catch up by structure all those Libraries, making use of specialists, and generating an excellent Scientists to develop Academies in a City v your Scientific national Wonders. They were generating a comparatively low Science-per-turn in the early-game, and also a big Civ with abundant food and great trade practics and diplomacy for study Agreements can soar ahead in tech by the mid-late game if enforcement properly.

This is just one instance of a strategy one can use v Greece. If you have tips for play as Alexander in Civ 5, share them below using our comments form.

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Civilization Bonuses, distinctive Units, Strategies and also Openings
Sid Meier"s Civ 5 is a deep strategy game. I produced these individual world Guides to to mark the staminas of their specials and also unique units. If you have an opener or tip for playing this Civ the you would favor to re-publishing with various other readers, please use the comments type below. Some Guides space in require of update and also will be boosted to a new standard of top quality or altered to reflect gameplay changes in G&K and also Brave brand-new World.
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