I"m a little confused regarding what the new apostle plot do. The persons I at this time see are:

Evangelise beliefLaunch inquisitionSpread religion

I"m also wondering exactly how you heal an apostle?


Their action in order:

Evangelize Belief - This allows you to add in extra Tenets to your religion (on height of her Pantheon and also Religion bonuses)Launch Inquisition - allows Inquisitors to be recruited, which can remove the existence of various other religions.

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Spread Religion - favor Missionaries, Apostles can spread religion. They have a possibility for promotions that make them far better at it, however.

Apostles (or one of two people of the other two spiritual units) have the right to only recuperate HP on (or surrounding to) holy Sites of their Religion.Move the unit onto, or next to, a divine Site and also sleep / skip turn until they"re earlier to full health.


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