Ancient Rarities in ~ CNG function Auction 118

Classical Numismatic group presents CNG function Auction 118, a Public and also Online revenue closing Monday & Tuesday, 13-14th September 2021. CNG 118 will certainly be hosted at the vacation Inn Lancaster, 26 eastern Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 in the Franklin Room (3rd Floor). This sale uses 1,434 lots with a presale estimate of just over $2 million. CNG’s yearly fall sale attributes Greek, Celtic, oriental Greek, main Asian, roman inn Provincial, roman inn Republican and also Imperatorial, and Roman royal coinage. Additionally, there space featured selections the Byzantine, at an early stage Medieval and Islamic, human being coinage and medals, Siege and also Necessity coinage, United says coins and also medals, brother coinage and also medals, and a small selection of antiquities.

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CNG 118 is highlighted by a number of collections and individual rarities, which make up the bulk of coins top top offer:

Further Selections from the Dr. Jay M. Galst CollectionAncient Judaean & connected Coinage native the father & boy CollectionAncient and United claims Coinage native the Mercury Group and Sigmund CollectionsAn considerable Offering the Samarian & Judaean CoinageVery rare Euhesperides yellow Stater of Ptolemy IThe Archytas collection of Kushan Coinage – part IIAn impressive Zenobia Tetradrachm native AlexandriaRoman Coinage indigenous the thomas A. Palmer and Trevor Hadley CollectionsA an extremely Rare Civil battle Gold Aureus of C. Cassius LonginusPublished yellow Aureus of PertinaxAn exceptionally Rare gold Dukat of holy Roman Emperor karl VISelections native the Michael Cassick collection of Siege and also Emergency CoinsBritish Milled yellow from the Mildenhall CollectionCharles ns Triple Unite1729 George II 5 Guineas – eastern India company Issue

Catalogs because that CNG 118 have actually been mailed to the active mailing list and bidding is open on the site. Some of the separation, personal, instance highlights indigenous CNG 118 are:

Lot 43.Ex Magnaguti and Bougerol repertoire – Pedigreed to 1909

Lot 43: Bruttium, Rhegion. Circa 420-415/0 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Dealing with head of lion / Laureate head that Apollo right; olive youth to left, PHΓINOΣ to right. Herzfelder 65e (D37/R54 – this coin); HN Italy 2494; SNG ANS 658 (same dies); de Luynes 796 (same dies). Toned, some roughness and also traces of find patina top top reverse. Really Fine. High relief. Estimate: $5,000.

From the dad & kid Collection, purchased from arts Ancient, 2015. Ex Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio 185 (5 august 2014), lot of 215; Conte Alessandro Magnaguti repertoire (Part I, Santamaria, 12 October 1949), lot 251; J. Bougerol arsenal (Bourgey, 7 June 1909), lot 117.

Lot 178.Very rare Wappenmünzen Drachm – Ex Desneux Collection

Lot 178: Attica, Athens. Circa 515-510 BC. AR Drachm. “Wappenmünzen” type. Hindquarter of horse standing ideal / Quadripartite incuse square, divided diagonally. Seltman pl. IV, ζ–η; Svoronos, Monnaies, pl. I, 26–8; HGC 4, 1618; BMC central Greece, p. 136, 1–3; Pozzi 1510. Old room tone, granular and slightly rough surfaces, small spot of smoothing on obverse. Really Fine. Very rare. Estimate: $7,500.

Ex Judy job Frink collection (Classical Numismatic group 115, 17 September 2020), many 130 (hammer $10,000), purchased indigenous Victor England; Jules Desneux repertoire (Hess-Leu 49, 27 April 1971), lot 155; Naville V (18 June 1923), lot of 1961.

Lot 532.Jewish war Year 3 silver- Shekel

Lot 532: Judaea, Jewish War. 66-70 CE. AR Shekel. Jerusalem mint. Date year 3 (68/9 CE). Omer cup; “Y 3” (date, in Hebrew) above, “Shekel of Israel” (in Hebrew) roughly / youth of 3 pomegranates; “Jerusalem the holy” (in Hebrew) around. Deutsch 29 (O4/R26); Meshorer 202; Kadman 20; Hendin 1361; Bromberg ns 69; Shoshana ns 20207–9; Sofaer 29; Spaer 174. Attractively toned. Near extremely Fine. Estimate: $5,000.

From the father & boy Collection. Ex heritage 3030 (5 January 2014), many 23820.

Lot 614.Very rare Euhesperides Stater

From the exact same dies together Heritage 3048, lot of 32052, i m sorry hammered in ~ $80,000.

Second Known

Lot 660: India, Kushan Empire. Vima Kadphises. Circa advertisement 113-127. AV Dinar. Bilingual series. Key mint in Baktria. BACIΛЄYC OOH MO KAΔΦICHC, diademed and crowned half-length bust that Vima Kadphises left on clouds, hold mace-scepter in right hand; tamgha to appropriate / Maharajasa rajadirajasa sarvaloga iśvarasa mahiśvarasa hima kaphthiśasa tradara in Kharosthi, ithyphallic Siva standing facing, head left, stop trident in ideal hand and resting left eight on bull Nandi behind, that is standing appropriate with head facing; buddhism triratana (Three Jewels) to left. Bopearachchi, Premiers Série V, 7 = Triton XI (8 January 2008), lot of 36 (this coin); MK 1 var. (bust right; same rev. Die ); ANS Kushan –; Donum Burns 73 var. (same). Easy toned, traces of shop in devices. Really Fine. 2nd known. Estimate: $20,000.

From the Archytas Collection. Ex Triton XI (8 January 2008), lot 368.

Lot 938.Very rare Civil battle Aureus

Lot 938: The Republicans. C. Cassius Longinus. Spring 42 BC. AV Aureus. Army mint (Smyrna?); M. Aquinus, legate. Diademed head the Libertas right; M • AQVINVS • leg • LIBER (TA)S approximately / Tripod surmounted through the cortina and two laurel-branches; fillet on each side; C • CASSI upward to left, IMP • upward to right. Crawford 499/1; CRI 218; Bahrfeldt 57; Calicó 64 (same obv. Die as illustration); Sydenham 1303; BMCRR eastern 72; Biaggi 42 (same obv. Die); RBW 1760 (same dies). Usual light dice rust top top obverse. NGC picture certificate 6156409-001, graded MS, Strike: 4/5, Surface: 3/5. Very rare; only 10 instances were recognized to Crawford, 7 that which space in museums. Estimate: $30,000.

Ex Triton X (8 January 2007), lot of 545.

Lot 990.Clodius Macer, Usurper – reportedly Unique variety of really Rare Type

Lot 990: Clodius Macer. Usurper, ad 68. AR Denarius. Carthage mint. Group VI, early summer to beforehand autumn. ROMA downward on right, S C below, helmeted head the Roma ideal / together • CLODI MACRI counterclockwise, trophy, v crossed spears behind two oval shields. RIC ns 31 var. (all through clockwise rev. Legend); Hewitt group F/4 (unlisted dies); RSC 9; BMCRE p. 287, note *; BN –. Old room tone, some scratches under tone. VF. An apparently unpublished selection of very rare and interesting type. Estimate: $15,000.

Ex Numismatica Ars Classica 80 (20 October 2014), lot 69; Áureo & Calicó 241 (8 February 2012), lot 39; Leo Benz repertoire (Lanz 94, 22 November 1999), lot of 270, purchased indigenous M. Dürr in Carouge, Switzerland, November 1985.

Clodius Macer, legatus propraetore the Africa Proconsularis, climbed in rebellion versus Nero during the Civil war in the feather of advertisement 68. Like most of his coins, this denarius does not bear his portrait. Only in his latest issues does Macer have actually his portrait placed on his coins. He consists of S C (senatus consulto) on his denarii, most likely to display that his rebellion was not versus the senate, but against Nero. Clodius Macer did no strike coins in his name till after the fatality of Nero. Nero committed suicide on 9 June advertisement 68, thus, the date of this coin to later in the rebellion, perhaps sometime in early on summer to beforehand autumn. All of Macer’s coins room of quite crude style, an indication the the absence of professional die engravers and also the haste at which they to be produced. Through October, Galba had solidified his power in Rome and ordered Macer’s execution.

K.V. Hewitt in “The Coinage of L. Clodius Macer” in The Numismatic Chronicle, 1983 claims that “there space a remarkable variety of types and also varieties, several well-known by only single specimens” (p. 64). Every one of Macer’s coins are incredibly rare, through fewer 보다 85 coins the all varieties known.

Michael I: from Emperor come Monk

Lot 1224: Michael i Rhangabe, through Theophylactus. 811-813. AV Solidus. Constantinople mint. • mIXA HL bASILЄ’, crowned and draped dealing with bust of Michael, hold globus cruciger in appropriate hand and also akakia in left / ΘЄOFVLA CτOS ∂ЄSP´, crowned dealing with bust the Theophylactus, put on loros, hold globus cruciger in appropriate hand and also cross-tipped scepter in left; X at finish of legend. DOC 1a.1-4 (same obv. Die); Füeg 1.B; SB 1615. Lustrous, a couple of faint scratches, slight weakness that strike at edge. Very Fine. Fine centered. Rare. Estimate: $10,000.

A high court official, Michael Rhangabe seized power when Nicephorus i was killed in battle. Michael elevated his eldest son Theophylactus as co-emperor and also reversed the iconoclast plans of his predecessor. In 812, he known Charlemagne as emperor of the West in return because that Venice returning to byzantine control; the Venetians, however, ignored the edict. Beforehand in 813, Michael mounted a campaign against the Bulgarians, however they routed his army. In the aftermath, Michael abdicated and named the basic Leo V as his successor. Michael took monastic vows and died peaceably as a monk 30 years later. His coinage in all steels is very rare.

Lot 1266.Extremely rarely Gold Dukat

Lot 1266: Austria, divine Roman Empire. Knife VI. Emperor, 1711-1740. AV Dukat. Prague mint. Dated 1733. Karl standing right, holding scepter and also globus cruciger / Crowned double-headed eagle, wings spread, stop sword and scepter; crowned and collared coat-of-arms ~ above breast. CNA 210/e-3; Herenik 105; km 725 (unlisted date); Friedberg 47 (Bohemia, unlisted date); Aurea Numismatika 96 (5 September 2020), lot 46 (hammer 220,000 CZK); Macho & Chlapovič 23 (30 April 2020), many 124 (hammer €14,000). Young deposits. Great Very Fine. Extremely rare – only two examples in CoinArchives, this finer. Estimate: $5,000.

Lot 1381.Rare Triple Unite

Lot 1381: Stuart. Charles I. 1625-1649. AV Triple Unite. Explanation type. Oxford mint; im: plume. Dated 1642. (plume) CAROLVS : D : G : MAG : BRIT : FRAN : ET : hello : REX, crowned and armored half-length bust left, stop sword v both hands; plume to right / · EXVRGAT : DEVS : DISSIPENTVR : INIMICI, (continuing right into inner field) RELIG : PROT/ LEGI : ANG/ LIBER : PAR on constant scroll; above, three plumes over · III ·; I642 below. Beresford-Jones die III/L1; Brooker 834 (same dies); Schneider 286–7 (same obv. Die); north 2382; SCBC 2724. Some edge marks, fields burnished both sides, ghosted on arm and also 2 of date. Toned. Great Very Fine. Solid portrait. Rare, especially from this dies. Estimate: in ~ $40,000

Ex Baldwin’s FPL (Summer 2015), no. BH023 (priced in ~ £65,000).

Printed catalogs for CNG 118 are now available. Come order the catalog, please contact CNG’s U.S. Office at (717) 390-9194. Catalogs have actually been mailed to customers on CNG’s active mailing list. Prospective bidders may additionally view the virtual catalogs.

The sale have the right to be perceived online at CNG’s website, Sixbid and Numisbids.

In enhancement to CNG function Auction 118, CNG will additionally feature end 1000 too many from numerous of the same collections noted above in their electronic Auction 500, close up door one week after that Wednesday, 22nd September 2021. Bidding because that CNG electronic Auction 500 will begin on 1 September 2021.

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CNG is currently accepting consignments for future auctions sales. Please call the for sure for more details and also consignment deadlines and visit the CNG website.