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An Easier means to Organize your Thoughts

Since 2000, Signature Coins has accepted our customers’ design ideas in every little thing format they’ve been prepared to deliver them to us. We’re fond the saying the our artists have the right to create great custom coins armed with little an ext than a few rough ideas and also a easily sketched ide on a napkin, and also it’s true. Yes no have to be an artist yourself to get your really own collection of tradition coins made. But we did decision to make arranging your design ideas a small bit easier. In the event you can’t uncover a preventive napkin come doodle your ideas on, you can download the brand-new Signature Coins design Template. The template was designed by Signature Coins artist to be simple to use and to provide you the opportunity to include every one of the needed info for obtaining the very first proof of her coins designed and also delivered quickly. 

The brand-new Template

The template functions two areas for sketching your concepts for the prior and ago of her coins. Pair those sketches v written accuse in the note section, or really all over on the page that suits you. The more details and information offered to ours artists, the much easier it is for them to architecture something to her liking. signature-coins-new-template-for-customers part for noting which plating, edge and also other customization choices you’d favor to manipulate are consisted of towards the bottom that the page. You have the right to even check off multiple options and our artist can produce different proofs to provide you a intuitive of what each will certainly look like. Also, our comfortable size guide is included. We know it have the right to be challenging to get specific mental picture of what a 2” coin really looks like, however with our intuitive references, you’ll be much better able to acquire an idea. 

Putting the Template right into Practice 

For an example of exactly how the template works, take it a look at this order native the Kentucky Fire Commission. The customer published the template out, included their comments and designs come it, and then scanned it and emailed it earlier to us in addition to a few other referral photos. Together a result of their help, our artists were able come come up through the adhering to proofs. new-customer-template-signatureThe new template is purposefully laid the end in the very same fashion together our proofs so that you deserve to perfectly see just how your principles were analyzed into the last product. What started as a couple of words ~ above a paper of file is transformed right into a full shade proof that what can be your final coin. And as always, if friend want any changes made to your proof, us offer complimentary unlimited revisions.  mobile-free-challenge-coin-design-templatedownload-challenge-coin-design-template-signature-coinsThe new custom coin architecture template isn’t a necessity to submit artwork and your principles for her coin to us. You’re quiet welcome come send in her napkin sketches if girlfriend like. But if you’re looking for a quick and efficient means to perfectly visualize your coin, consider giving our artists your concepts on the new template!

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Need assist picking a size?

Most importantly you don’t have to be exact when choosing a size. We’ll determine your specific size based on your artwork and also update your final price as necessary during proofing.