-Person A comes across Person B passed out in the library and also carries them earlier to their dorm.

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-Person A has actually an Unpopular Opinion. They voice the in class and also get yelled in ~ by the professor. Human being B stand up because that them.

-Person A ran out of meals because that the week. Oh, yeah, and likewise money. Human B starts smuggling lock snacks out of the cafeteria. And then they get caught.

-Person A take away pages and also pages of notes, researches for hours, reads all the chapters before class and is quiet barely scraping by through a B. Human being B brings a Snuggie come class and also sleeps through all the lectures, and also if castle aren’t sleeping, they’re drawing stupid doodles on your notebook. And also yet, they space making directly A’s. Person A is THIS much away from death them.

-Person A has a yes, really late class that calls for them come walk all the method across campus in the dark. Human B insurance claims to have actually a class at the very same time and live nearby, and they walk person A home every night. However, human B is lying. Castle live on the complete opposite next of campus and also don’t have any type of classes later on than early afternoon.

-Person A is a rich child who is in the fanciest fraternity/sorority in the college. This elite greek life organizations have actually made a lifelong adversary of human B, that is a scholarship student. They decide to pose together a wealthy kid and also enter the sorority/fraternity and also destroy lock both- but what will happen when they loss for human being A, who belongs to the adversary party?

-Person B is the unfortunately neighbor of human A, who has actually a stunner party virtually every weekend and is making it difficult for human being B to study or sleep or carry out anything, really. Human B gets fed up and also confronts them.

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january 29th, 2017

-I was having actually a snowball fight with my friend and I made decision to lie in wait for them and also ambush them and also they went within to warm up however I didn’t hear them speak what they were doing so I’m out below waiting because that them and you, full stranger/longtime an enig crush, come approximately the corner and I pelt you.

-I was structure a snowman and also I’m no very an excellent and you think it’s oh so hilarious come walk by and shout critiques

-I was making snow angels and you tripped ~ above me

-All that the young world in the community have been having actually this crazy intense snowball hit that’s lasted weeks and also by this time adversaries have end up being brothers and also brothers have end up being enemies (possible areas you could go through this): -I supplied to dislike you a lot yet we’ve to be stuck ~ above a team together and we’ve conserved each other’s necks so plenty of times I’ve forget what hating girlfriend felt like -I made decision it would be funny to take it a prisoner as a kind of joke but as it turns out you’re yes, really cute and I have no desire come let you go OR -You took me prisoner and also you’re for this reason attractive that ns haven’t also tried come escape

-You’re in a bad mood and kicked a tree and also a fill of snow fell on you. I just happened to be walking by and died the laughter, which infuriated you, so you moved me into a snow drift

-You lost regulate of her sled and also ended increase sledding best through mine front door.-You store knocking end my snowmen for this reason I’m acquiring revenge
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-I work-related here. Friend are totally enraged by the absence of plums. I’m sorry, but they’re out of season and hey you’re type of cute.

-We run cash register aisles alongside each other and also are having actually a serious, deadly competition over who can check the most groceries in a minute.

-I discovered you crying over the avocados. Space you sure you’re every right?

-I am buying a many junk food and also you’re supervisor cute and now I’m yes, really embarrassed because I’m no actually having a party this is every for me.

-This must be your last day functioning here since you space laying on the sass, yet it’s actually sort of hilarious and a little hot you re welcome continue.

-I have actually a crush on you and also I hang the end in the dairy department so that I can watch you lift milk jugs.

-I’m in college and I almost live off of complimentary samples by disguising myself and coming ago for seconds however you have actually seen v my clever disguise just how awkward.

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-I tripped and also knocked over a whole SHELF of salsa and then fell into the salsa and you are giving me the weirdest look.

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