07.09.2012: The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CSFB) posted proposed regulations regarding actual estate settlements. Take a look if you dare; tright here are 1099 pages. Hint: The proposed negotiation forms start around web page 841. Click right here.

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07.01.2012: Good news for Virginia homeowners refinancing their mortgages. Beginning July 1, 2012, you pay a diminished rate mortgage recordation taxation for refinances. There were exemptions in the old law, however frequently it was tough to fulfill the qualifications. The new mortgage recordation taxation for refinances is around 27% reduced. This reexisting a critical savings in refinancing prices in Virginia.

01.02.2012: Wikipedia has actually an informative conversation on Title Insurance. Click here.

Colonial Title Company kind of, Inc.
A Full Service Title and also Escrow Agency

Because 1977, Colonial Title Company has been offering real estate settlement company, title searcs and also title insurance assets. We also carry out escrow account services for real estate and also other transactions.

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We are competent in the the majority of difficult of transactions, such as reverse mortgages, brief sales and foreclosures. While we prefer the basic and basic closings (that doesn"t?), transactions through seemingly "impossible" title defects are well within our field of expertise and also expertise base. We are a tiny household owned firm, and truly appreciate our clients and also execute whatever it takes to meet their requirements. As a matter of fact, we have actually gone past the extrasimple to gain the deal closed.

Difficult Case Example 1

We got notice 1 day before a booked refinance cshedding that among borrowers had actually to make a sudden expedition out of the nation on a family emergency. We prepared a Power of Attorney, and also sent out a closer and also witness to Dulles airport at 7pm to attain the required signatures. Had the closing not occurred, the loan lock and also commitment would have expired, and also the borrowers would certainly have to start the loan application procedure anywhere aobtain. The loan closed as scheduled!

Difficult Case Example 2

Simple sale transactivity, or so we thought! The title examicountry showed that, because of a badly botched foreclosure 1 owner back in the title chain, the existing owner/seller did not hold clear title to the building. Two financial institutions were associated, with one was no much longer being in organization. And to add insult to injury, the original first mortgage (supposedly foreclosed on by the lenderno much longer in business) was never before released. Three months later, the saleclosed with all title defects cleared up and the brand-new owners have auseful owners title insurance policy!