I frequently see world referring come Blue shade mana as U. What is the factor for that?

I know that black starts v B as well but this is somewhat confusing. My guess is the u is the very first letter which is various if I begin to review both black and blue native the start.

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According come Magic Head Designer mark Rosewater"s "Drive to Work" podcast ~ above the subject, Wizards supplied "B" for Black and "L" because that Land, leaving "U" together the following reasonable choice.

Blue we stand for with the letter U. Oh, genuine quickly. Why execute we perform that? i have talked around this in my column, but for those the haven’t heard me to speak it, when an initial Richard made the cards, the problem was that black and also blue both begin with B. So why no go to l then? Well, land...card colors are supplied to represent the border, the type of map it’s on. And so land has its very own border. So together is because that land. Well, why not go to A because that black? Well, A is artifact. And so U was the an initial we might get to in one of two people of them, for this reason we ended up going through U.


To piggyback on top of Jadasc"s explanation: not only do the names go all the means back to Magic"s dawn, we recognize that they do due to the fact that of a variety of misprints in Alpha the featured the actual letter for the color on the cards! for instance, if girlfriend look in ~ the Alpha print of Phantasmal Forces, the message reads "Controller should spend U throughout upkeep to maintain" :


Note that also as quickly as the Beta printing, every one of the letters had actually been properly swapped the end for the appropriate mana symbols.


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