Vietnamese cook is provided at this restaurant. That"s a good idea come order mouthwatering Bbq pork, fried prawns and broth. Perfectly cooked rice cakes space what Com Tam Thien Huong supplies you. A collection of good thai tea, smoothies or balloon tea is recommended to visitors.

Most reviewers point out that the employee is energetic at this place. The spectacular service demonstrates a high level of top quality at this place. Prices are discovered attractive here. Over there is a comfortable ambiance and an intricate decor at this spot. The as whole rating the this restaurant on Google is 4.1.

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I have actually been here numerous times prior to Covid and I would say it"s a 3-star for a quick and also OK lunch or dinner. Don"t suppose too much and also you will be fine. Not much service, food is OK. Newly I came earlier for dinner top top a Friday night at 7pm, article Covid. Your hours have actually been shortened, currently only open up till 8pm. Probably it"s the shortage of workers? ns came right here wanting come order the pho noodles. They were marketed out. Basically i can"t order half the menu. Lock only have rice and it was only details plates. Anyway, fine, i ordered the rice. The BBQ pork was really burnt. Basically, i was eat charcoal. Sigh.... Very disappointed in ~ this. I would not come ago or recommend this restaurant come anyone at this point. Possibly after covid and also when their hours become normal again....

My friend loves pho and also I love a great deal. Us came below on job Day around 2pm and also the place was packed. We had 8 human being in prior of us and also was worried that us wouldn"t be able to get sit in time. Luckily, the waitlist walk by therefore fast. We ordered 2 bowls that pho dac biet and to our surprise it was only $8.95 per bowl! That"s insane because that SJ prices. Both bowls come out fast and I was automatically impressed with the quantity of food we got. The just con is that the broth to be a little on the saltier side, yet I could certainly live v that! an excellent quality meat - the bo vien to be my favorite. It damages to invest money ~ above pho once my mom can make it, but I definitely do not mind this place.
Auethentic Com Tam! I always crave vietnamese food and Com Tam Thien Huong has one the the finest com tam in SJ! ns don"t eat meat for this reason I split a combo with an additional person! It"s super flavorful through : - fish sauce - pickled veggies - new veggies - choice of meat reminder : ar an order end the phone and also pick the up! Quick and easy

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