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I have actually been top top birth manage for around 2 years now. I haven"t had a duration or any bleeding for about a year. Go this median that my hazard of pregnant is significantly decreased? 

Nope, your possibility of gaining pregnant is the exact same whether you"ve been on your birth regulate for 2 main or 2 years. While you don"t point out the an approach you use, through most techniques you room able to acquire pregnant as quickly as you stop using it—which is why it"s essential to usage birth manage consistently. While having no period is a typical side effect for some birth control, the doesn"t mean you are any less productive should you protect against using her method.

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Can I have an IUD placed if I"ve never had sex?

Great question, you can have an IUD inserted even if you have never had sex. This is a an excellent discussion to have with your healthcare provider despite to make sure that it"s the best type of bear control for you! 

 If the condom broke but i didn’t feeling the sperm, might I still be pregnant?

Yes. Any type of time you have actually sex, yes a chance that you can get pregnant. If the condom broke, even if girlfriend didn’t feel anything, sperm may have actually still gotten in the vagina. If girlfriend think you could be pregnant—or if your duration is late—be sure to take it a pregnant test or contact a health treatment professional that can offer you one. If it’s early enough after ~ the condom broke, friend might have the ability to use emergency contraception as a backup; emergency contraception or EC is a technique of birth regulate that stops pregnant from happening. It’s not intended to be provided as her primary technique of birth control—hence the name emergency contraception—but us all recognize that mishaps (like the condom breaking) happen, therefore it"s ideal to know about this method before you require it.

What is the period limit because that purchasing condoms?

There’s no period limit for buying condoms! It’s normal to it is in a small bit nervous as soon as you’re buying prophylactics for the first time, however it’s super essential to be protected if you decision to have sex. If you want to prevent coming challenge to confront with a cashier, shot to go somewhere through a self-checkout counter. Over there are also places the will offer you prophylactics for free, therefore you might want to examine out this Condom Finder.

Am ns still extended for the week ns don"t take my pill?

Yes but... You"re only covered if you take it the first three main of pills right. That means you took every 21 pills, one a day, at the exact same time every day. That"s due to the fact that the pill functions by releasing hormone that prevent your ovaries native releasing eggs. The hormones additionally thicken your cervical mucus, which help to block sperm from obtaining to the egg in the an initial place. Remember that the pill doesn"t safeguard you from STIs. It’s a great idea to twin up your hormonal birth control method by using condoms too.

Is it a an excellent idea to go on a birth manage pill even if girlfriend don"t setup to have sex?

It"s her call. If you"re not right now sexually active, yet want come be prepared for the future then acquiring on birth regulate is a great idea. Part people likewise use birth control to lessen duration symptoms such as cramping or come make sure they always know as soon as their period is going come come. Make an appointment v your doctor to discuss which option will work finest for you and to obtain a prescription. 

Where deserve to I buy birth control without a prescription?

One of the easiest techniques of birth manage to acquire privately is condoms, because there room no period restrictions and they require no prescription.

If you’re interested in hormonal birth regulate (like the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, and also IUD), those usually require a visit to a health treatment provider for a prescription. (Though some states are starting to enable pharmacists come prescribe some hormonal methods) Each state provides its very own laws about confidentiality for patients under 18. When calling to do an appointment, tell her age, ask if you need parental consent for your visit and also the method you want, and also ask even if it is the clinic assures confidentiality. If she visiting her usual health care provider’s office using wellness insurance under a parent’s name, try calling your insurance and also doctor’s office to ask about confidentiality. Need assist finding a clinic? use our clinic locator; just kind in your zip password for all the info you’ll require to uncover a health facility nearby.

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How can I know if a condom damaged after sex, and how execute I know if it to be effective?

A broken condom is generally a noticeable rip or tear, there shouldn"t be any type of tiny holes unless someone has intentionally damaged them. 

When condoms break, it’s normally because:

Space for semen no left at the guideline of the condomThe prophylactics are out-of-dateThe prophylactics have been exposed to heat or sunlightThe prophylactics have been torn by this or fingernails

If the condom broke, also if you didn’t feel anything, sperm may have still gone into the vagina. If you think you could be pregnant—or if your period is late—be sure to take a pregnancy test or contact a health treatment professional that can give you one. If it’s beforehand enough ~ the condom broke, friend can use emergency contraception as a backup; emergency contraception or EC is a an approach of birth manage that stops pregnancy from happening. That not intended to be used as her primary method of birth control—but we all know that crashes (like the condom breaking) happen, so it"s ideal to know around this method before you need it.