Consider a composite wall surface that has an 8-mm-thick hardwood siding. 40-mm by 130-mm hardwood studs on 0.65-m centers with glass fiber insulation (paper faced, 28 kg/m3) and a 12-mm class of gypsum (vermiculite) wall board.


What is the heat resistance linked with a wall that is 2.5 m high by 6.5 m large (having 10 studs, each 2.5 m high)?

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2.0 × 10?2 m, (a) What is the thermal resistance if the product is asbestos? (b) What is the thermal resistance if the material is iron? (c) What is the thermal resistance if the material is copper? view Answer
Consider a 20 cm thick granite wall with a thermal conductivity of 2.79 W/m·K. The...... ... Whereas the right challenge is exposed come a flow of 22°C waiting with a convection warmth transfer coefficient of 15 W/m 2 ·K. Neglecting warmth transfer by radiation, find the appropriate wall surface... View Answer
A plane wall 15 cm thick has a thermal conductivity offered by the relationk = 2.0 + 0.0005 T W/(m...... ... the wall.GIVENA aircraft wallThickness (L) = 15 centimeter = 0.15 mThermal conductivity (k) = 2.0 + 0.0005 T W/(m K) (with T in Kelvin)Surface temperatures: Th = 150 °C Tc = 50 °CASSUMPTIONSThe... Check out Answer
A rectangular aluminum bar 12 mm special and 50 mm wide is welded to fixed supports in ~ the ends, and the bar support a pack W = 3.5 kN, acting through a pin together shown. Find the reactions at the supports. Watch Answer
company X is an old-established garments retailer. The firm operates indigenous expensive city centre...... ... Possible. In general, client are urged to pay for your purchases immediately, but details regular customers have a monthly account with the company. Required: describe how these... Check out Answer
One of Sure-Bet Sherbet’s bestselling commodities is raspberry sherbet, i m sorry is manufactured in...... C. Discuss the feasible causes of unfavorable labor effectiveness variances, and identify the individual(s) who should be held responsible for these variances. Check out Answer
I require IT now FOR submission NO COPY job-related Write a c++ routine for this with a clear comment and algorithms view Answer
A house has a composite wall of wood, fiberglass insulation, and plaster board, as suggested in...... (c) If the wind to be blowing violently raising ho to 300 W/m 2 ? K, recognize the percentage increase in the warmth loss. (d) What is the managing resistance that determines the amount of heat... See Answer
The thermal attributes of a small, dormitory frozen fridge are established by performing two...... ... Resolved time expression and recording the electric energy forced to operate the refrigerator. In such an experiment because that which steady operation is maintained over a 12-hour period, the input... See Answer
Health care entities frequently administer charity treatment to default individuals. How is charity care reported in the jae won statements of a hospital? see Answer
What room the varieties of money exposure? Why is money exposure possibly harmful come the firm’s international operations? How can managers forecast money exposure? What steps might you require to minimize money exposure? watch Answer
The town of Peak’s Kill acquired a computer for $ 300,000. The computer system was financed v a shortcut issue. Prepare the newspaper entries important to document these events, suspect the computer system was acquired using (a) The general Fund and (b) An enterprise Fund. Also, label the fund(s) used. View Answer
Ten kilograms of water in a piston/cylinder with continuous pressure is at 450C and also a volume of 0.633 m3. The is currently cooled come 20C. Display the P–v diagram and also find the work and also heat transport for the process. See Answer

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Lane agency produced 50,000 units throughout its very first year of operations and also sold 47,300 in ~ $12per...... ... Rate. Manufacturing prices are as follows: direct materials ...................$123,000 direct labor ...........................93,000 variable overhead ...................65,000 fixed overhead... Watch Answer