I to be laying down on among the hospital's cot a few feet far from Katie and also Quentin. I was looking in ~ ceiling, thinking. I'm stuck in this hospital because that 48 hours. This virus, that killed Bobby and Sanders, is spreading around. I can die if this virus gets in call with me.

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I looked under to check out Quentin struggling to sleep, and also Katie was broad awake yet she was thinking. Ns looked up and see Jake, that saw my stare and also gave me an ensuring smile. I slowly provided it earlier to him before looking ago at the ceiling.

I heard a phone call vibrate and I looked earlier at Jake to see him press the neglect button.

"Whoever was that, must have done girlfriend wrong." Katie stated.

I heard Jake sigh, "Why carry out you to speak that?"

"Because Katie has actually spidey senses once it concerns these things." ns mumbled. Ns looked under to see Katie smiling at that.

She shook she head in ~ me before looking earlier at Jake, "Because we're in a warm zone of one outbreak. Most human being would price a call call."

"It's just work." Jake replied before tossing his phone into his helmet.

"So you're dodging calls native the police?" ns asked with an eyebrow raised.

He gave a little smile, "I think I'm official on holiday."

Then Quentin dubbed for Katie speak he couldn't sleep. Katie asked to view his hands as a slow-moving smile came to my face. This is what Katie and also Quentin execute all the time whenever Quentin had trouble sleeping. I've checked out it so plenty of times the I deserve to do the in my sleep.

Katie and also Quentin confronted their hand together. "That's not 4 to six feet." Quentin stated as i sat up.

Katie said, "We'll do an exception just this once." She smiled at him. "What execute we say once we're home?"

"There space no monster under my bed." Quentin started.

"No monsters in mine head." Katie said.

"Tomorrow bring a new day that light." Quentin and also Katie progressively looked in ~ me and smiled.

I reverted it if finishing, "Sweet dreams, mine prince. Goodnight."


"Congratulations." I claimed as ns walked under the hallway.

Toby proposed to Jamie ~ the totality cordon lockdown. Toby told me that they fenced the cordon and no one was permitted to leave. He stated he want to lug light to she cloudy day. The wasn't how he to plan it. He was going come take her to her favorite restaurant, they clock a movie, climate he was going to take it her wherein they go on their very first date and propose there.

"Thank you." Toby said.

"Jamie Artemisia...I favor the sound that that. The just thing I'm sorry because that is your arrangement on asking didn't happen."

"It's fine. I still got her come say yes. How's every little thing down there?"

I sighed, "What do you think?"

"That bad."

"Yeah." i walked about the corner and see Jake bouncing a sphere on the wall. "I'll let girlfriend go. Store me post on what's happening out there. And tell Jamie I claimed hello."

"Will do. Bye."

I hung up the phone and continued under the hall. Once the round was in the center of its bounce I caught it, standing in ~ least four feet away.

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"Playing round in the hallway. A little childish, don't girlfriend think?" ns asked amusingly.