One the the primary components leading come an age appearance in the face is wrinkling around the mouth and also ptosis in ~ the lip corners, bring about a down turned appearance to the mouth. A corner lip lift can be perform to against this aging process. The procedure requires removing a little wedge in ~ both corners the the mouth, known as the oral commissures.

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Corner Lip Lift outline - every little thing You have to Know

About the Procedure

Last Updated: 09.14.2021To against down turning at the corner of the mouth and also the accompanying aged appearance, the edge lip elevator is an effective procedure with minimal restore time. To finish the procedure effectively, extreme treatment must be taken throughout the incision process as cuts room made exactly on the sheet of the upper outer edges the the lip, lot like the Gullwing lip lift. Then, a little triangular area of skin is delicately removed at the corner of the mouth. When sutures room in place, the an outcome is a slim upturning that the lips, which leads to a more youthful appearance.The corner lip lift is right for patient requiring a an ext permanent systems to concerns in the deep dental commissure grooves. If the grooves are specifically deep and prominent, surgery might not cause a 100 percent correction, yet in most instances will bring about a correct improvement. The procedure requires local anesthesia and is in most instances completed is as tiny as 30 minutes. The corner lip lift bear a very short restore time and scarring is minimal. Pricing because that the procedure ranges from roughly $2,000- $4,000.

What to Expect

A corner lip lift enhances signs the aging by upturning sagging oral commissures. Right here is a rapid guide because that what to mean before, during, and also after a corner lip lift.

Antiviral and antibiotics might be prescribedAvoid blooding thinning medicines for 2 weeksStop cigarette smoking 4 weeks before and after surgeryNo alcohol 2 job priorDo no eat or drink for 6 hours before
Triangular preoperative marks in ~ the corner of the lipsLip and also nose area is cleansed local anesthesia Incisions made and skin is excised Sutures come close

Immediately after Treatment

Swelling and also discomfort

1-10 work After Treatment and also Beyond

Resume normal activity 1 work after surgeryReturn to work-related after 5 daysAvoid strenuous exercise for 1-2 weeksProgress from fluid to soft diet as toleratedLimit expressive face movementsClean incisions daily

Result Notes

Results are long-term Noticeable automatically after surgery

Recovery Notes

During recovery from a edge lip lift, patients will have to be responsibility of their incisions. Limit expressive mouth activities such as laughing or yawning. A liquid or soft diet will likely be encourage postoperatively. Cut food into tiny pieces to no stretch incisions.

Ideal Candidate

Any candidate that presents v the appearance of downturned corners of the mouth or a persistent "frown" look would certainly be a good candidate for a edge lip lift. This procedure is regularly the best choice for younger patients who have actually not started to show any type of signs that skin sagging, folding, or wrinkling listed below the corners that the mouth, but have proficient drooping the the outer lip corners.

Not recommended For

A edge lip elevator is not recommended because that candidates with energetic infections in or approximately the mouth such together herpes, lupus, blood-clotting diseases, diabetes, or heavy smokers unwilling to quit because that a short period.

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Side Effects

Side impacts from a edge lip background may incorporate swelling, scarring, infection, and bleeding.