If you haven’t dated an Egyptian in ~ one point of her life, you absolutely missed out. Indigenous blaming elgeesh for every failure, fearing the bawab much more than her father come breaking off engagements in Elsallab because the tashteeb battle is also real, right here are several of the exclusive right that add humor come Egyptian relationships.

1. The bond through his automobile is stronger than your love

2. You always start the partnership with “let’s go v the flow” and end it through “Ahly afsheen”


3. Your engagement day is directly proportional to his geesh date

4. Sa7el season is nothing yet stress over finding 2 various places to continue to be at

5. The boyfriend is rate driving to acquire his girl home before the curfew when calling his boyfriends to watch who’s up for shisha or playstation


6. Elsallab and ElMahgoub will certainly test just how true and also deep your love and also engagement are

7. She says, “Mesh hakhorg m3ak lewa7di” but when her friends come along, she is pissed as hell

8. Not having a sha2a is more threatening than cheating


9. She insists he meets she mother since she never lies come her. The guy, girl and her mom recognize it’s a trap


10. Six months after the love at first sight, the calls she “Nekadeya” and also she calls him “Barid”

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11. The Mohamed Mohie pose when lying

12. No stop gifts at first month, 6th month, 1-year anniversary and also any various other occasion. Most of them room perfumes and watches sheathe in tulle and also glitter

13. She expects him to pay because that dinner however won’t enable him, yet yes, really really desires him to offer and insist


14. When she put on a brief skirt, the great starts. “Enty hateb2i meraty. Fahma y3ni eh meraty?”


15. She wants him to look, talk, smile, breathe, eat and exist as Turkish series boys

16. Her mother’s weird reasonable is that she have the right to ride in any man’s car except the boyfriend and also fiancée


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The couple’s biggest fear in life is the bawab

18. “Gali 3aris” doesn’t average there’s a 3aris, that a known code because that “when the hell room we getting engaged?”