With age, our teeth begin to deteriorate v years of wear and tear. Even if it is you’ve shed a couple of teeth or need a complete teeth replacement, Dentures In A Day specializes in restoring your laugh to that youthful look. Feeling confident and also comfortable with a brand-new set of this designed come fit your mouth and aid you eat the foodstuffs you love there is no worrying about your teeth. We market complete and also partial dentures and general dentist services favor tooth fillings and extractions. Schedule her initial consultation to learn about your options for a beautiful smile. Call our office in grand Rapids, MI, today!


We provide great quality dentures in one day. How have the right to we execute that? We have a lab on-site through over twenty years of experience. We proudly offer a 2-year warranty on all new dentures and also a 6-month warranty on every denture repairs. We stand by our work and want come make sure you space happy v your new smile. If you have actually natural teeth and want dentures, don"t worry, we carry out extractions too. If you space interested in make an appointment, provide us a contact today. We will be glad to answer any kind of questions the you could have.

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I recently had to have all my lower teeth extracted and get a reduced plate. I had been there prior to for my top plate because that repair yet not actual dental work. Ns was rather nervous yet Dr was very gentle and quickly removed all my teeth, I actually was an extremely surprised it to be over so quickly! after 6 lengthy weeks i then had actually my reduced plate made and also although it is loosened because mine gums are still shrinking, the this themselves look great, ns just had actually a soft alignment which has helped a lot. The staff and the dentist space wonderful to work-related with, really friendly! I already had a friend go there and also she as well is really happy through them every too..I would certainly recommend them very highly!

— Barb D.

Dr. Thompson and also his staff and also friendly, caring, and professional. They administer dental services of high quality and also low pain. :)

Dr. Thompson"s front desk and also assistant Deb to be very great to me. Ns look front to conference the remainder at future appointments. The staff have all operated together a long time, and that says a lot about a practice. I am so grateful I discovered this office and plan on having all mine dental demands cared for here. You will NOT it is in disappointed, you will certainly LOVE the here. :)

— Tara K.

This is the only location to go. Staff is certain amazing. I feel like household whenever ns visit. Wife had a crown come turn off on a Friday. They were closed and also was said Doc to be off but called ago and made a special exemption just to take treatment of her. Other offices would have insisted ~ above a new crown however they to be able to properly remount the one she had. She"s delighted. I had actually a thinning and jagged #7 incisor that needed attention. Appt. To be a month out. Holly had me ~ above call. A cancellation opened up the next day. I was in and also out in half hour and also tooth fix looks so organic I cant tell it was bad. Really pleased.

— thomas B.

I had another good visit today! Holly the receptionist hosted my had again for shots, however it was more impressive that she knew I"d need it and was appropriate there alongside me once the time came! She held my hands and also talked me v all the way. Then acquiring my work-related done, cleanings to fillings, everyone is therefore understanding and nice. And also they kept me laughing. I"m a nightmare dentist patient, swear i am! but they have been so good to me!

— Annies P.

My upper denture never ever fit properly ,that i purchased from another denture business. I felt it was a five well,my trouble not theres.

Dr Thompson saw the difficulty right away. Fixed it and also I left happy !I will certainly be recommending this office.

— Cheryl D.

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