Recently i was educated on the subtle but important distinctions of fantasy reptiles.

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Hopefully you find this guide helpful, together I will carry out my best to share mine findings!

| The typical Dragon

We begin with the renowned dragon. Four legs, 2 wings, and massive in size.
dragons are illustrated in all cultures with no distinct origin point. Maybe dinosaurs? They room speculated to live in caves and also forests or on top of mountains.

| Fae Dragon

This tiny guy is as with a typical dragon, just miniature.

| Wyvern

Subtract two arms, replacing them through wings, and also you have actually a wyvern.
Very couple of cultures acknowledge the difference in between dragons and wyverns. The distinction was do in the 16th century by English, Scottish, and also Irish lore.

| Cockatrice

The cockatrice is comparable to a wyvern, though it has a rooster"s head.
The legend come alive in the 14th century and was known for killing its victims merely by looking in ~ them.

| Amphithere

The amphithere (also well-known as one amphiptere, amphitere, or phipthere) has actually a serpent prefer body with only wings.
Very little is known about this creature. It is thought that the is wyvern-like v feathery wings.

| Wyrm

Often perplexed with a dragon, the highlight difference in between a wyrm and its misnomer is the lack of appendages.
A wyrm has neither legs nor wings, despite it is similar in size to a dragon.

| Sea Serpent

The sea serpent drops in the vein of wyrms. Together its name implies, it resides in bodies of water approximately the world. With an ext than 80% of ours oceans currently unexplored, that knows what might be living in uncharted waters!

| Quetzalcoatl

also a form of wyrm, the quetzalcoatl is a feathered wyrm that was venerated as a divine being since first century BC in the mexican region.
it is claimed to be the god the wind and wisdom.

| Lindwurm

add two eight to the wyrm, and also you have a lindwurm! This biology is qualified of moving about like a snake, or it may crawl with its two clawed arms.

| Salamander

I recognize what you"re thinking... This is a dragon-like creature? Yes! they were often regarded together elemental fantasy creatures, especially with fire.
Medieval, Renaissance, and classical lore is rife v legendary salamanders. From creatures that only show up when it rain (golden Alpine salamander), to deadly poison secreters (fire salamander), salamanders were related to as fantastical before they ended up being the common creatures we recognize today. It to be even thought that applying a salamander"s blood would make the wearer immune to fire.

| Lung Dragon

add two an ext legs come the wyrm, and you have a lung dragon. This dragon has 4 appendages but no wings. It is additionally much longer and serpent like contrasted to the common dragon.
this dragons are most commonly known as the standard Chinese dragon and also represent excellence and power.

| Drake

similar to a lung dragon, the drake is much shorter and closer in construct to the usual dragon. However, that does not have actually wings.
The distinction between drakes and also common dragons comes just from modern-day fantasy.

| Hydra

The hydra is a form of drake; however, it possesses multiple heads.
This fantastical creature comes from both Roman and also Greek mythology. The exact variety of heads varies from source to source, but an ext recent legends insurance claim that chopping off a head leads to the regrowth of two much more to take its place.

| Kirin

Last however not the very least is the kirin! likewise known together the qilin, it comes from Japanese mythology.
that is similar to a drake in that it has 4 appendages and no wings, but the kirin is known for having a scaly body of a horse finish with a mane and also hooves. Due to the fact that legends vary, the may have antlers and also any colored hair or hide as well.

I expect you uncovered this overview helpful! See listed below for a an introduction image that the many varieties of dragons uncovered in fantasy.

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And thank you for reading! you re welcome fell cost-free to post me about anything. Ns love to chat with various other fantasy lovers.