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What? Oh, it"s you! Come closer, then, closer... My ears aren"t what they supplied to be. Nor my eyes, for the matter. Yes, hello, resource Hunter! ours city welcomes you!1.Tell me about yourself.My elf? What elf?Oh, myself! i am Cecil, market of Cyseal and husband the the stately Cecilia. I"ve to be the mayor right here for decades, and also I"m quite eager to watch Cyseal v these daunting times - yes, very difficult times indeed!2.Tell me around the problems in Cyseal.What?Oh, you average Cyseal! Very an overwhelming times indeed! together though the death of Jake -and by source magic no much less - weren"t enough, we"re also facing every sorts the brutish intruders.The undead have actually overrun all yet one northern trade route, if the orcs room making a habit that savaging ours beaches.That"s not to point out that at the top of the entirety caboodle, there"s rumours of some brand-new religious sect or cult or some such difficult its tendrils into the innocent, Seven-fearing persons of Cyseal!And *ahem* when we"re top top the topic of troubles, ns myself have a private issue I"d prefer to bring to her attention. It entails a magic relic I rather foolishly sought... A weapon called the employee of Pergamon.1.About Jake"s murder...Jake... Murdered? five yes... Yes, currently I recall. Indeed, I could hardly believe it myself. The councillor and also I have definitely had our distinctions over the years, but old squabbles evaporate under together circumstances.Most of the townsfolk are certain Jake"s wife Esmeralda is responsible - in fact, the Legion have taken her right into protective custody to keep her safe from the mob.As you deserve to imagine, I"ve known Esmeralda because that years. That business between her and also the battle each other of Ferol was always a bit... Suggestive... But I never ever had reason to doubt her that violence. Still, one never ever knows because that sure.1.Tell me around the fight it out of Ferol.An upright bloke, apart from all this Esmeralda nonsense! The entirety town knows the only goal the his "business trips" to Cyseal is spend a night or 2 at the King Crab Inn v Mrs. Councillor.2.Let"s readjust the subject...2.Tell me more about the undead in Cyseal.What? The undead? Yes, because that the past two years, those blasted skeletons have all yet suffocated this city. Through all however one trade course overrun, Cyseal"s as soon as torrential business has slowed come a pathetic trickle.3.What’s this around a "Staff the Pergamon"?The what of what, now? You"re speak gibberishAh, you median the employee of Pergamon! yes yes... I was expecting a delivery of weapons, and among the cargo to be this an extremely powerful, very rare staff. I regulated to location the bespeak through way somewhat... Atypical to a federal government official.Cecil proved an old fool, though, for the merchant slated to deliver it come me has just educated me that the damned thing has gone missing. I are afraid it may have fallen into the dorn hands, and also I wonder if you could retrieve it because that me.1.Tell me around the merchant.His name"s Conrad, captain the the birds Splitter, a vendor ship quiet docked in ~ the Cyseal harbour. You deserve to talk come him if you think it"d help, but I"d quite favor to avoid obtaining the Legion involved, if girlfriend don"t mind.2.What carry out you know around the staff itself?The staff itself contains a shard of an ore very valued for its usage in tools of war. I know use that the material to be forbidden, but I was desperate to do something to aid the townsfolk versus the undead.3.Let’s readjust the subject...4.Can girlfriend tell me more about Rivellon"s sects?Well I... I do think that"s something your parents need to have disputed with you long ago, source Hunter. But I expect if... If you really don"t know, I"d be remiss if i didn"t in ~ least explain the basics.You see, when a lady and a fellow uncover each other rather nice... Well, rather more than nice, they"ll occasionally... ‘ahem*... Well, they"ll...Oh, this is nonsense! I"m the mayor, for the Seven"s sake! i can"t it is in bothered to chat every day about the birds and the bees once Cyseal"s under siege through orcs, undead, and cultists!5.Let"s change the subject...3.Can girlfriend tell me an ext about her library?Ah, the library! Yes, yes, friend must have a visit; it"s the gem the Cyseal! would you favor to have a look? I"ll escort you upstairs myself.Please yourself! allow me recognize if you change your mind - friend won"t regret it!1.Sure! sound interesting.Marvellous! monitor me then.What?... Oh! Yes, this library is the jewel in Cyseal"s crown, the beacon of society and learning in our fair city!My Victoria has actually every volume you might possibly imagine, and she"s acquired every speck that information about this location packed right into her excellent brain!Yes, Victoria"s come a long method from the little bundle the claws and also teeth I adopted so lengthy ago. It bring a tear to mine eye simply seeing her here among her lover books!What? ... Oh, correctly yes, I"ll be on my means back below now. Please present yourself! I understand Victoria will certainly be happy come make your acquaintance.2.Not just now, thanks.That depends; what type of berries room you interested in, exactly?4.Tell me about Victoria, the orc librarian.My too ~ girl! mine darling embraced daughter, mine pride and also joy!I introduced her to mine library once she was still a girl. She conveniently proved that the preconceptions us humans hold of orcs together savage beasts room patently false.If you"re in search of something special, just ask! She to know every book by heart -papa"s smart little cookie!5.Someone desires Victoria dead...You controlled to drive him away? but what if he come back? are we destined to live in fear forever after?Someone desires to check out Victoria dead? that cherub the the book, the seraph the the library? Outrageous!Hear friend me: You need to stop that dog by any means necessary. As market of Cyseal, you have my permission come take... Drastic measures if need be.6.I"ve joined the Fabulous Five; let’s talk about the assignment they gave me...Wait here, I"ll get my beekeeper"s suit!Oh, wait...Oh, correctly! The Fabulous Five. I believed you said "the treacherous., well, never ever mind.They just educated me they cleared that cave of every undead presence, therefore I offered them your reward together promised! They simply left town- the remainder of the people needs saving too! lock truly are fabulous!7.I met her pet, Maxine.Maxine? What in heaven"s name space you...

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Oh! You typical the mongrel that"s always skulking around the place?I spent months trying to teach the worthless hound just how to fetch, and it sat with every great looking at me choose I were the idiot! "Man"s best friend" my eye!I"ve always been an ext fond of cat myself.8. I"ll take my leave.


Cyseal City
Town Hall
Mayor Cecil"s Office (Lower Floor)