How perform Hokas dimension up ? room they true to dimension or do individual size increase a fifty percent or totality size ?Am generally firmly in the Salomon camp once it concerns shoes yet having simply done an ultra in Switzerland (i ran in a pair that the brand-new Salomon SLAB Ultras right out of package without an issue) yet the most well-known shoe to be without doubt the Hoka, so was going come buy a pair in the sales to give them a try and see what they space like.

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In answer to Sans-Plan: I'm a size 8. Bought a size 9. Break them in easy, they're killing me.
In answer to Sans-Plan: I have the Cliftons and also they're pretty lot the same size as my other shoes. They're no that vast though..
In answer to Sans-Plan: I've had actually at the very least 10 pairs of different Hokas, consisting of Stinson road, Stinson ATR, Clifton (1, 2 and 3), and Challengers (1 and 2) and also Mafates and also all have actually been true sizing for me. Never ever once had a trouble with lock in this respect. They're no for everyone, yet I would very recommend at the very least trying them.
In answer to Sans-Plan: I used to usage Asics for road running, Salomon for mixed and also Innov8 because that trail. Salomon and Innov8 seemed OK for me at dimension 10. Asics have actually progressively acquired tighter/smaller end the years so 10 was too small, so ns think more than likely 10.5 because that Asics now, however...I switched to Hoka (for road running) a few months back after being convinced by a sales guy at a marathon expo and I haven't looked back. I went with size 10.5 (so half a size bigger than my Salomon and Innov8, however probably what I'd walk for in one Asics shoes these days) together he argued going up at least a fifty percent size (some walk a entirety size increase he said).Unlike a vault poster, i did not need to break them in - they to be awesome from the start! However, it most likely depends which pair of shoes you were supplied to prior to you gained them.I'm considering gaining the trail variation (Challenger?) following as mine Salomon's stink and the single is wearing out. My only problem is whether they are robust enough.
In reply to mountainbagger: like you, never had actually to rest in a pair that Hokas! Challengers are superb would highly recommend because that trail. Last longer than any pair the Inov8s I've owned. Only once did I have a trouble with the sole peeling away. Sent them back to sports Shoes and got a replacement pair.
In answer to Sans-Plan: I mainly wear Sallomon as well and when ns tried Hokas the sizing seemed the very same for me.
In reply to Sans-Plan: I'm size 11 in Saucony, size 11.5 in Hokas (Cliftons and Challengers). I've heard of rather going up fifty percent a size. They're excellent - wouldn't stay anything rather on roads.
In reply to Sans-Plan: In the shop we've uncovered that everyone has gone up fifty percent a size from your standard roadway shoe when relocating over come the hokas. I've personally uncovered that lock come up fairly narrow too across the mid foot (Clifton 3 and challenger) for this reason be aware of this together for a large foot favor mine ns don't think they'd ever work regardless of sizing up.
In answer to Sans-Plan: Cheers all, for this reason in Salomon Speedcross 4 ns am 9.5, the new Ultras i am in a 9, so ns am guessing a 9.5 Hoka would certainly be great ? What models are many using ~ above trail/mountain ?
In reply to Sans-Plan:I'm reliably dimension 8.5 in Salomons, including Speedcross. I discovered the Hoka Mafate (older model) a bit quick in the toe box, yet the Hoka Speedgoats 8.5 to the right me perfectly. I'm now on my 4th pair of Speedgoats for trail & mountain running & can't rate them extremely enough. Wore a pair for the Dragon's ago Race which consisted of some rocky terrain prefer Crib Goch.My just criticism is that the uppers wear quite easily along the sides, particularly if you usage them in snow v a hard crust. I now give the sides a coating the seamgrip from brand-new & that seems to make them last.Hope the helps!
In answer to Sans-Plan: There room no hoka models designed for the UK 'mountain' atmosphere IMHO, uneven you're difficult to an excellent trails and also paths. I occasionally wear my Challengers in the fells on dried days, but I don't think their single is aggressive sufficient for wet steep ascents / descents or numerous mud. Equally, as soon as I'm to run in the alps I'll never take mine inov8s, Challengers or Speedcross every time. In prize to your question, i personally think the Challenger is probably one the their most versatile models, an especially if you finish up finding you yourself on a little of everything.
In answer to Sans-Plan: roughly the same, in detect the rate goats slightly smaller than the cliftons though.
> There space no hoka models designed because that the UK 'mountain' setting IMHO, uneven you're difficult to an excellent trails and paths.
I've got the Hoka Tor boots, they're good for the UK mountains. Part reviewers have actually said they operation happily in theirs, back I'm not much of a jogger so have actually mainly just hiked in mine. They're not even too bad for scrambling in, done Tryfan N Ridge and Bristly in mine.On sizing, i was said they tended to be quite small for their size but it turned out they it seems ~ spot on - i wear 42 in many brands and 42 Hokas fit me well too.
In answer to TobyA: True. Had actually forgotten about their boots range, although, no idea what the soles ~ above those room like
In reply to plyometrics: an excellent grippy Vibram top top the ones ns have. Actually looking at their site, they have a \"mountain range\" v some low height shoes and boots. They look more like approach shoes, yet I guess perhaps you might run in lock too. Ns guess heavier 보다 the to run models, although also the boots are still impressively light!
In reply to Sans-Plan: I have actually a pair that Clifton 3's. I typically wear Nike and also Salomon, and also went 'true' ~ above size, but would likely be more happiness a half size up.I would certainly not desire them together my just running shoes. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them for just beeing as well soft and also having no rebound, so running in castle Calls because that some genuine effort. Also, as they're for this reason soft I have the right to feel different parts of mine feet sinking in at various rates.A real gained taste, however sometimes fantastic. Anyone do the efforts Dynaflytes?
In reply to Sans-Plan: because that me Hoka size the very same as Salomon, and 0.5 size up indigenous Inov-8.Not tried castle yet, yet the brand-new Speedgoat 2 ( a complete re-design, not simply cosmetic transforms over v1 ) space getting an excellent reviews because that gnarly follow - still won't it is in a dropped shoe though. Sound much more rugged than the Challenger. Doubt you'll find the Speedgoat2 in the sales however though. Challenger 3 can be had for £69.99For those with broader feet then they've simply started to introduce broader fittings - the brand-new Clifton 4 is obtainable in a 2E broad fitting as well as the traditional width - this is a roadway ( or really light trial ) shoe.
In reply to steelbru: i was given the SG2s through a rep.I love them but gnarly trail?They room still high but also don't last that well, mine are reflecting abrasion damage on the upper.I execute like lock though, an extremely comfy as you'd expect. But on rooty or technical ground I'd worry around my ankles.
In answer to Roadrunner5: Ahh ok, point detailed about no for gnarly ingredient - will certainly stick through Inov8 X-Claw for that.Had you ever before used the SG1 ( or Rapa Nui which the previous name for the SG ) , if therefore is SG2 an development ?
In reply to plyometrics: Cheers, i would probably stick through something a bit more traditional because that the UK hills/fell to be honest, simply if act something >15 miles i have tendency to stick to paths etc for lull of travel so pretty stony and also hard.happy with Speedcross in the alps generally yet find the the forefoot can gain a bit sore with very rocky trails together they have no rockplateWill go shot a pair the Speedgoats on ns think and see just how they feel.
In reply to steelbru: I've only worn cliftons before.I'm at this time mainly attract Salming.No rash shoe. Just a basic straightforward no thrills trace shoe the lasts because that well over 500, even 1000 miles and over below only $100.
In answer to Sans-Plan: Cheers all, simply picked increase a pair the Challenger ATR3's because that £65, 9.5 was spot on, speegoat to be a 9 but didn't favor the feel as much.
In answer to Roadrunner5: Hadn't heard of 'Salming' until simply now & to start with I assumed you expected a Salomon shoes designed especially for Scottish summer weather. However, having just education myself through some googling, the Salming trace 5 looks rather interesting - is that what you're wearing? and also how's the fit/sizing top top Salming compared to the Hoka Speedgoat?
In answer to markk: mine mates a rep for them in this area and he's noble of shops reasoning he's selling Solomons.. No, I'm wearing the T2, the T3 is the brand-new version of that. Strange the T5 is a separate type of shoe and also they've only just arrived in the local shop. Castle look nice, a thicker single than the T3 i think however I've only had actually a fast look when my mare had actually a sample pair.The T2/T3 is a go everywhere shoe. Fine for road, trail, mountain. An ext of a trail shoe yet can take care of anything. Around here I operation on every little thing so they space my key shoe. I've excellent over 400 miles and the soles are reflecting wear however the upper is untouched. In comparison my roclite 305s it s long 200 miles prior to the top was shredded.I think I'll get the t5s tomorrow.I have actually 11.5 us in the T2 and SG2 and I think the SG2 are a tad smaller. Otherwise quite similar.

In reply to Roadrunner5: thanks for that - would be interested come hear what you need to say once you've make the efforts the T5's as well..
In answer to markk: They no come v the order so still waiting.I'm put on the en route road shoe i m sorry is basically the very same fit and also upper yet a different sole and like them, however still wait on the T5.
> Cheers all, just picked increase a pair the Challenger ATR3's for £65, 9.5 was spot on, speegoat to be a 9 but didn't favor the feel as much.

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Nice one. Mine Challenger ATR3's come today, and also they room slightly much less roomy in the toe box than the Hoka Clifton road shoes ns talked around in my previous post. It's appropriate on the leaf of sending earlier and walk a whole size bigger fairly than the fifty percent size ns went for, however perhaps a little of break in and they will certainly be similar to the Clifton.As a reminder of my earlier article (for others just reading this one), i am generally 10 because that Salomon and also Inov8 and went 10.5 because that Hoka.

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