Keep her shrooms safe! dry them and store castle in one airtight container if you arrangement to keep them longer than a week. 

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Contents6 means To store Magic mushrooms (Short-Term & long-term Storage)How to store Fresh Magic Mushrooms

If magic mushroom aren’t save properly, they end up being highly at risk to mold or bacteria.

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Even if they don’t rot, the energetic ingredients in the mushrooms will malfunction over time — bring about your shrooms’ potency to drop.

If you want to defend your mushrooms long-term and maintain your potency — you’ll should learn just how to store them properly.

Fortunately, magic mushroom storage isn’t complicated, and also it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can store your mushrooms because that a lengthy time using basic household items choose mason jars or ziplock bags.

Here’s every little thing you must know around storing both dried and fresh magic mushrooms and also truffles.

Key Takeaways

Store her shrooms v a desiccant (you have the right to reuse silica packs from food packaging or buy some)Store her shrooms with an O2 absorb if you intend to store them much longer than 6 monthsAlways store dried shrooms in an airtight containerNever save fresh shrooms in one airtight containerKeep your mushrooms in a cool, dry, dark place for finest resultsAlways compose the day you save the shrooms ~ above the container

How lengthy Will Shrooms stay Viable In Storage?

Fresh magic mushrooms will begin to rot after just a couple of days if girlfriend don’t keep them properly. If you store them in the refrigerator in a brown document bag, girlfriend might be able to store new shrooms for as much as 10 days — however rarely any kind of longer 보다 this.

Fresh magic truffles will save for longer — normally lasting between 2 and also three month in the fridge.

Dried mushrooms and also truffles will certainly last the longest (a year or more). Lock don’t have to be refrigerated.

Properly storing magic mushrooms deserve to make the distinction of having actually a three-month shelf-life (non-airtight container) — to surviving two year or longer (vacuum-sealed bags through desiccant and O2 absorber).

Even if you don’t arrangement to save your mushies for 2 years, you’ll desire to make sure they’re stored correctly to minimization the loss of potency.

There are four main factors that will reason your shrooms to rot, break down, and lose your potency. If you have the right to minimize all 4 of this factors, you’re walking to get a much much longer shelf life from her shrooms:

OxygenHeatUV lightMold & bacteria

6 ways To keep Magic mushrooms (Short-Term & irreversible Storage)

There are many ways to save magic mushrooms.

If you want to gain the maximum shelf-life from your shrooms — use a vacuum sealer through an oxygen absorber and also desiccant and also keep the in the freezer. You have the right to store her shrooms for plenty of years v this method.

1. How to save Magic mushrooms in Mason Jars

(6–12 month Storage)

You can easily store her dried magic mushrooms in a mason jar.

The an approach is hands under the simplest and also cheapest technique — you deserve to usually pick up a situation of mason jars for just a pair of bucks. They’re designed to create an airtight seal to keep oxygen out of your container and slow the oxidation procedure that will degrade the potency of your shrooms.


For finest results, keep your mushroom mason jars in a cool, dry, dark ar — such as a basement or cupboard. You have the right to usually get around six month of storage through this method without any kind of noticeable lose of potency. After this point, the shrooms will start to lose their potency. By the 12 month mark, the shrooms will most likely remain active, however there will certainly be a noticeable drop in potency compared to mushroom stored using much more advanced techniques.

Tips for storing mushroom in mason jars:

Try and fill the mason jug as complete as feasible to minimize the quantity of air consisted of insideUse oxygen absorbers and desiccants to expand the shelf-life also furtherAlways keep mason jars the end of direct light, and in a component of your residence that’s cool and also dry (bathrooms space a bad idea)Make certain the seasoned is sealed tight prior to you placed it away because that storageAvoid opened your mason jars as lot as possible to protect against letting in fresh oxygen or potential contaminants

2. Exactly how To keep Magic mushrooms in Ziplock Bags

(6-12 months Storage)

Ziplock bags market a similar level of security as mason jars — but with some advantages and disadvantages.

The benefit of a ziplock bag is that you can squeeze the end a good portion the the wait in the bag prior to you seal it up. This will reduce the amount of oxygen within that could potentially damage them and also reduce the potency.

The fence of ziplock bags is the they have the right to sometimes leak. If friend don’t seal them increase tightly or if a item of mushroom gets recorded in the seal, it can allow fresh oxygen to enter the bag when in storage — dramatically reducing the shelf-life.

Many people will an initial seal their shrooms in a ziplock bag and then ar this in a mason jar because that storage. The an ext layers the protection, the better.

Tips because that storing mushrooms in ziplock bags:

Use high-quality ziplock bags (double sealed and thicker plastic is ideal)Double bag your shrooms to it is in extra airtightToss one oxygen absorber and desiccant to expand the shelf-life even furtherSqueeze as lot of the air the end of the bag as possible before storing that for extended periodsAlways store your ziplock bag in a cool, dry, dark location

3. Exactly how to store Magic mushroom in Chocolate

(6–18 months Storage)

Chocolate is a surprisingly an excellent tool because that preservation. You have the right to make your very own psilocybin chocolates by grinding her dried shrooms into a powder, melt some chocolate on the cooktop (dark cacao stores the longest), and also mixing in your powdered mushrooms together the chocolate is cooling.


It’s vital not to warm the mushrooms directly as this will certainly inadvertently damages the active ingredients and also defeat the function of storing them this method in the very first place. Include the powder as the chocolate is cooling down, and also you’ll protect against damaging the psilocybin.

Chocolate will seal the magic mushrooms suspended inside from the elements. It blocks UV light and oxygen, which space the primary reasons for mushrooms to walk bad.

Tips because that storing magic mushroom in chocolate:

Add the powdered shrooms together the chocolate is cooling (don’t warmth them directly)Wrap each coco in believe foil and also store in one airtight container in the fridgeAvoid opening the chocolates or emotional them prior to you’re ready to eat themOpt because that dark cacao with the least amount of sugar possible to get the longest shelf-life

4. How To save Magic Mushrooms using Vacuum Sealed Bags

(1–2 years Storage or Longer)

Vacuum sealed bags are the next evolution of the ziplock bag. They have the added step the removing all the air from the bag and also sealing it through heat. They won’t leak, and also they safeguard the shrooms indigenous oxygen and also humidity.

If you use mylar vacuum sealer bags, you’ll provide them added protection versus UV light.


In order to vacuum seal your shrooms, you’ll require a vacuum sealer and also some vacuum sealer bags. You can likewise just to buy the bags and also use a hair straightener to warm seal them, yet you’ll lose the advantage of sealing castle in a vacuum.

If you’re walking to go this route, girlfriend might also get a couple of oxygen absorbent packs and some desiccant or silica to administer even higher protection indigenous humidity and also oxygen. You can keep your vacuum-sealed bags in the refrigerator or freezer because that maximum shelf-life — simply avoid taking them in and also out that the freezer. Only pull lock out as soon as you intended to use them.

Using this method, you’ll be able to store any amount of mushrooms for numerous years to come. It’s taken into consideration the gold typical for long-term dry food storage.

Tips because that storing magic mushrooms v a vacuum sealer:

Buy mylar vacuum sealer bags to protect against UV radiationMake sure you’re familiar with just how to usage your vacuum sealer before you startInclude oxygen and also humidity absorbent packs v your shrooms prior to you seal itEven when vacuum-sealed, you have to store her shrooms in a cool, dry, dark place

5. How To keep Magic mushroom In Honey

(Over 18 months Storage)

Honey is fantastic preserver. When the love husband you choose up in ~ your regional grocery keep will usually imply a best-before date of around 2 years, honey will keep for much, much longer than this.

Samples that honey have actually been uncovered in old tombs that continue to be viable today.


You deserve to use honey as a preservative for your magic mushroom by placing them in an empty mason jar and then extending the whole bunch in fresh, organic honey. Make sure the honey covers the mushroom by at the very least 2 centimeter (½ inch). Any type of exposed mushrooms will rot.

Make certain to opt because that honey through the the very least amount the filtration possible. Many of the so-called “impurities” service providers will remove from life honey room responsible for its lengthy shelf life. Your honey need to be thick and also somewhat cloudy — quite than runny and also clear-golden colored.

You can pick to powder your mushrooms first or place them in the seasoned whole. Either way will work, however it’s vital for both techniques to remove any kind of debris or dirt prior to storing them. It’s also crucial that there is no humidity in the mushroom at all, or they’re going to walk bad. Just perfectly dried mushrooms will occupational for this method.

While in storage, the energetic ingredients in the mushrooms will certainly diffuse into the honey. As soon as it comes time to usage it, you can simply eat the honey directly for the psychoactive effects.

Tips for storing mushroom in honey:

Make sure the mushies are completely dry prior to storing themOpt for raw, unfiltered honeyMake sure the shrooms are totally covered by love husband — you may need to height it up a couple of times as the dried shrooms absorb few of the honeyClean the mushrooms v a tiny brush to remove any kind of debris before you store itKeep the love husband in a cool, dark, dry place (but not in the freezer)

6. Exactly how To keep Magic Mushroom Capsules & Microdoses

(6–12 months Storage)

Magic mushroom don’t taste very great — i beg your pardon is why many human being are buying their magic mushrooms in capsule type or developing their very own capsules in ~ home. Capsules are also the many common type you’ll uncover magic mushroom microdoses.

Capsules also do a great job at keeping your magic mushrooms for expanded periods that time —but only if a few conditions space met.

The most important aspect of save magic mushroom in capsules is the you for sure every capsule is as full as possible. If there’s empty space in the capsule, the will reveal the materials to oxygen — bring about them to degrade much faster.

In general, you deserve to store capsules because that 6–12 months without any kind of noticeable ns of potency.


That is, as lengthy as you’re maintaining them in one airtight container, in a cool, dry, dark location — similar to you should be doing for all mushrooms nevertheless of the format.

If you add oxygen absorbers and also desiccants to the container you’re storing them in, friend may be able to get 12 months or much more out of them without any far-ranging drop in potency.

Tips because that storing magic mushroom in capsules:

If make your very own capsules, make sure each lid is completely full to get rid of as much oxygen as feasible (this could mean using fillers choose brown rice flour to take it up the empty space)Store your capsules in an airtight container v an oxygen absorber and desiccant for finest resultsMake certain the mushrooms and any other ingredients you incorporate in her recipe are totally dry before making the capsules

How to save Fresh Magic Mushrooms

Fresh magic mushrooms are hard to come by — so it’s necessary you’re familiar with suitable storage techniques to protect against wasting them.

Mushrooms will certainly mold and also rot in just a couple of days if castle aren’t maintained in the fridge. Also in the fridge, new shrooms will only last about five days, through a preferably of about ten days.

If you arrangement to use them in ~ this timeframe, you deserve to store them in a brown document bag the same method you would keep mushrooms native the grocery store store. If you keep fresh shrooms in an airtight container, they’ll rot much an ext quickly because of the high humidity levels. Mushrooms consist of about 80% water — for this reason if the humidity they release isn’t allowed to escape, it will develop the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

You can likewise store your fresh shrooms in lemon juice to offer more protection against mold and also bacteria — but your shrooms will certainly still go poor within 2 weeks utilizing this method.

If you intended to store your shrooms for longer — you’re going to should dry lock out. Yes sir no method around it.

Here space three techniques for dry fresh shrooms because that storage:

1. Air Drying

This is the simplest method. All you require is a record towel and a ar with great airflow.

All you need to do is ar your shrooms top top the document towel and also leave them like that for a couple of days. Depending on the ambient humidity, her shrooms will be totally dry within about 72 hours.

You have the right to use a tiny fan to rate this process up even further if you’re life in a place with higher ambient humidity levels.

If girlfriend live in the tropics, or other particularly humid components of the world, this technique may not job-related for you. If her mushies aren’t emotion dry through the second day, they might start to rot.

Pros and Cons of Air drying Magic Mushrooms:PRO — virtually complimentary method of drying shroomsCON —doesn’t work-related in areas with high ambient humidityCON —drying can take as much as 3 days to completeCON —open-air drying have the right to lead to rotting if you’re no careful

2. Dehydration

The next best an approach for drying shrooms is to use a food dehydrator.

You deserve to find small dehydrators for cheap on Amazon or local huge box stores. These tools work through ensuring continual airflow and also may even add a little bit of warmth to aid dry the wait out before passing it end the shrooms.

These devices will commonly dry her shrooms out completely within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of Dehydrating Magic Mushrooms:PRO — extremely effective method of drying shrooms as easily as possiblePRO —this technique works also in areas with high ambient humidity levelsCON —dehydrators include additional costsCON —some dehydrators may add too much warmth (damaging the mushrooms)

3. Frozen Drying

Freeze dry is the ultimate an approach of keeping fresh food, and they work an excellent for magic mushrooms too.

The freeze-drying procedure is really complicated, and also the devices are very expensive. Also a small freeze drying device can price up a few hundred bucks. Bigger machines conveniently run a couple of thousand dollars.


This technique is overkill for most people, but it’s going to sell the best level of preservation feasible while maintaining the organic flavor and potency intact. Friend can also rehydrate freeze-dried mushrooms later on to develop shrooms with almost the exact same texture together the freshly choose mushies.

Pros and also Cons of Freeze dry Magic Mushrooms:PRO —offers the greatest level the preservationPRO —maintains the initial textures and potency that the mushroomsCON — freeze-drying equipments are very expensive

How to store Magic Truffles

A magic truffle is the below-ground masses of fungi mycelium — rather than the above-ground fruiting bodies.

Only a couple of species the magic mushrooms will even type truffles, and they have tendency to be milder than the fruiting body of varieties like Psilocybe cubensis.

However, some world prefer the milder results of truffles. Others live in parts of the people where truffles room the just legal form of psilocybin available.


Storing magic truffles adheres to the same techniques as outlines for magic mushrooms.

The main distinction with truffles is the they have a longer shelf-life when fresh. If stored in an airtight container, you deserve to keep them in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 months without any kind of issues.

If you intend to save your truffles in storage because that a lengthy time, you’ll need to dry lock out and store them in a mason jar, ziplock, or vacuum-sealed bag.

How to save Magic Mushroom Tea

You have the right to store brewed magic mushroom tea for later by maintaining it in an airtight container, such as a mason jar, in the fridge. This will just last around a week prior to it goes bad — sometimes also less.

You’ll know if your tea has actually gone poor when it develops a nasty funky smell. Magic mushroom tea already smells a little bit funky, but it shouldn’t smell rancid or rotting. There’s a really distinct difference between the funkiness of a fresh mushroom tea and mushroom tea that’s unable to do bad.

If it stinks, nothing drink it.

In order to gain the longest shelf life possible, you can include lemon juice to her tea. The much more lemon girlfriend add, the better.

It likewise helps to protect against drinking straight from the container you intend to save your tea in. Instead, to water the tea right into separate cup to stop contaminating it v bacteria from her mouth. Likewise, avoid emotional the inside of the lid or the rim of the container come avoid introducing potential contaminants to the jar.

How perform I call If mine Shrooms walk Bad?

You’ll understand right far if new mushrooms go bad. They’ll have actually a nasty musty odor, and you’ll likely see blue or environment-friendly fuzzy growth on the caps and stem. Part white fuzziness on the stems is regular — this is the mycelial threads indigenous the fungi trying to grow outwards native the harvest mushrooms.

For dried mushrooms, it’s a tiny bit much more difficult. Clear indications, together as environment-friendly or blue mold growth, humidity or sogginess, and also an horrible smell are apparent signs her shrooms go bad. The no much longer safe to usage shrooms the look prefer this.

If you keep your mushroom correctly, they will remain edible for many, numerous years. It’s much more likely her shrooms will lose their potency 보다 it is for them to walk moldy if save on computer correctly. If friend eat your stored mushrooms beyond their “expiration date,” they might just not work. As lengthy as they’re no moldy, they’re very unlikely to make you feeling ill.

Final Thoughts: how Long will certainly Magic mushroom Store?

Storing magic mushroom doesn’t have to be complicated. Humans have been preserving food and medicine for centuries by merely drying the out and also keeping the in a cool, dark, and dry location. Modern technology makes achieving this supervisor simple.

The easiest an approach is to ar your dried mushrooms in a mason jar or ziplock bag. Seal it up and also keep it in a cupboard or crate to save it the end of the light. This an approach will store your shrooms viable for 6 months or longer, no problem.

If you desire to keep them even longer than this, you deserve to use a vacuum sealer with some oxygen absorbent packs, preserve them with honey, or save them in a sealed bag in the freezer.

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Fresh mushroom will only keep for around a week in the fridge, so uneven you’re walk to usage them appropriate away, you’ll desire to dried them the end ASAP.