Marketing has actually made us believe that Magnum prophylactics are the biggest of the big. For this reason just how much bigger isthe Trojan Magnum XL?


I have actually reviewed a variety of Magnum condoms in my day, consisting of the Trojan yellow Pack and the Magnum Thin. You could say that i am a spicy shooter as soon as it comes to the Trojan Magnum line.

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And for your part, these prophylactics were nearly indistinguishable native the continual Trojan Magnums. The thickness to be the same (good, however not supervisor sensitive)and there were no extra, special attributes to worry about (although if just there to be a Magnum XL Thin!). I've additionally never really discovered the Magnums to be quite as stinky as other Trojan condoms.


The lubricant top top these condoms is water-based, similar to most other Trojan condoms. It's spermicide-free and also glycerin-free, and it doesn't have any kind of ingredients you must be concerned around if you currently don't have actually an worry with water-based lubes. If you do, the caution WearGrande is a much better option sinceit comes v a silicone-based lube.

So, overall, over there wasn't really a lot come talk about with the Magnum XL, until my partner and I started putting it on.

"It doesn't feel lot bigger than a Magnum," he said.

"It is," i said. "See? It states XL. Why would certainly they make the continual Magnum bigger 보다 the XL?"

"But it doesn't feel like it."

Well, once we acquired it on, we discovered that the condom was actually fairly comfortable for him-- in ~ the head.According come our dimension chart (and yes, us measured these ourselves), the XL is actually the slightest bit smaller in regards to width 보다 the constant Magnum. And also for my partner, broad is wherein it yes, really counts.

Since the Magnum has actually a tapered fit, the head's nominal width is actually 2.5" (63.5mm). It tapers down to that size from the shaft, i beg your pardon is a only 2" (50.8mm) big.

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We've mentioned before that girth is far much more important than lengthwhen considering i m sorry will store you safer and be more comfortable. For this reason wouldn't the make sense that these prophylactics would it is in wider, not narrower, even at the shaft?

If you're trying to find a roomier different to the Magnum, again, this might not it is in it. This one is longer, which is good for avoiding contact STDs. But if the tapered to the right of various other Magnums has actually been discovered to it is in uncomfortable because that you, the tapered fit on this one additionally might not carry out it, seeing as it starts turn off so small. My partner uncovered it also be as well restrictive at the basic of the shaft, which make the whole experience unenjoyable for him. Need an ext room to breathe? inspect out ours '5 finest Condoms for huge Penises.'

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

If you're trying to find something that's much longer than a Magnum, you're in luck. Yet something larger altogether? The Magnum XL is a good condom, yet the tightness in ~ the base might not be what you're spring for. Try one out and also see.

What room Condom Depot client Saying?

This is a great condom yet I great it was made in something various other than latex.Jack McClish, Austin, TX

The finest condom we have actually used. The length and girth is perfect for a well endowed guy. Only wish they make them in colors, flavors,etc... Joe - SC

Great condom, just one that fits. However, it has tendency to desensitize me. Scott - LV, Nevada