The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine growth is full of choices and results for those choices. It is really hard to understand what is walking to occur in any given instance without saving and also reloading. Inspect out this The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine options And aftermath Guide to aid you make the options you want!

The Witcher 3 Blood and also Wine selections And after-effects Guide

several of these are minor choices yet they do effect the side searches so we will certainly be including those as well. Clear there will be some spoilers under below.

i forget the name of this quest however you run right into it quite early throughout the key quest line. Usually you hop into the competition pit and also face off v the Shaelmarr that has gone rampant. After friend beat that you will certainly be left with a an option to slay the monster of preventive it. If you slay the monster, Geralt justifies that by saying he’s finishing its suffering. If you preventive it, two pike-men come in and also kill it anyways. The end an outcome is at some point the same here however that frequently isn’t the case.
The choice is provided to you even if you obtain it wrong yet I understand most world like to get it best the very first time. As soon as you are looking for where the beast might be hiding, select the Greenhouse for the best answer.
This is a side pursuit that girlfriend will get at the plank in Castel Ravello Vinyard, south-west that Plegmund’s Bridge. Here you will meet a Witch and this is where the selection comes into effect. You can either pick to break the curse you yourself or threaten the Witch to have her carry out it. If you select to rest it yourself, you pressure the spirit out and have come fight it.

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If you pick to have actually the Witch help with the curse you obtain an equally poor ending. The heart of the tree pipeline the tree and also posses the dog. The dog then proceeds to eat the Woodsman.

Got some assist from the comments for much much better endings come this quest.

From Ryanmrichardson – girlfriend can acquire a more joy ending(though by no way happy). If you chat it out with teh Witch, provide her a lock of her hair and also then are ethical with Daphne she will simply depart there is no a confrontation(and will not own the dog).

From ItalianMom – friend are likewise able come tell she he remained faithful and she moves on in ~ peace. Ns didn’t favor lying come her, yet I didn’t want to threat her walking psycho and killing the poor guy next to me.

From Dalek Teta- you can likewise just discover the bone of the teacher beneath witch hut and also the ghost will certainly depart peacefully, even if you lift it every by yourself. This one can be the finest option.

The Warble the A Smitten items
throughout this search you have the right to fight in the tournament together yourself or sign up with as teacher Ravix the Fourhorn. If you select Geralt you will acquire Geralt feather gear, red and white. If you select Sir Ravix the Fourhorn you acquire blue and also gold armor and also a blue and gold saddle.

The 2nd choice is how to attend to Vivienne. There are two methods to cure her curse. The best way to perform it is the enjoy Method, no one dies or has to die in 7 years. To execute this you have to tell Guillaume about the curse after ~ you confront Vivienne in the forest. The will offer to take the curse native her and also you can convince she to accept his offer. The curse is removed and also Guillaume doesn’t seem to be turning into a bird, yet.

The 2nd choice results in her being cured however she does not remain with Guillaume and also will only have 7 year to live. You will still gain paid however Guillaume will certainly be very upset about it.

La Cage Au Fou
throughout the caldron part you will have to choose between trying come lift the curse or attack the monster.

If you strike you will jump out and also slice the beast and also it will run. Follow it down and you have to kill it for it saliva glands. Girlfriend will also get a key and the head as a trophy. The trophy offers 5% bonus EXP indigenous monsters and also they crucial is used to access the tunnel behind all the spoons.

If you choose to lift the curse you will have actually the choice to sit through the Wight to assist lift the curse. Once you get to choose between the spoons, pick to not use spoons come eat. After ~ the cut-scene usage your Witcher feeling to follow the Wight’s stench outside, wherein you’ll find a cured old lady. If you have your guest room renovated she have the right to come and also stay with you there. She will likewise give friend a quest after a couple of days of heal up if you spare her.

Saving she gets you 1k extra EXP and killing the Wight will acquire you 750 I believe it was, yet you likewise get the trophy.

The Hunger video game
You deserve to only acquire this if you save the Wight in the La Cage Au Fou mission. Ultimately the old woman at her Vineyard ask friend if you want her to stay or go. If you have actually her go, that’s it she is gone.

If she remains you will get a quest from her and also she will cook you meals day-to-day that you can uncover in the chest in her kitchen.

mutual of Beauclairs Wild Kingdom
You acquire this mission from the board in Flovive. Basically you have to track down a Basilisk and choose even if it is or not you desire to death it. If you select not to kill the Basilisk, girlfriend arerewarded v 200 endure points, 350 Coin and second 50 endure points and 50 Crowns.

Killing it it s okay you 200XP and also 400 coins and also you obtain to prey it. I obtained a pretty sword, some mutagen and of food the Trophy(gives 1% opportunity to dismember, 1% boosts EXP indigenous monsters and also Humans, 1% possibility to find more herbs and 1% Bonus gold). Counting Borhis Di Salvaeress will certainly be devastated.

The guy From Cintra
This is a story mission including a acquire together of nobles. Eventually the party will stop and your old girlfriend Regis and also he will certainly bring another with him as well. Together the conversation with Dettlaff go on friend will ultimately have to make a choice with a timer.

If friend pick just like Humans, Dettlaff will certainly say the you know us then.

No pardon is the various other option, Dettlaff claims So you’d fairly save a monster than kill a monster?

Neither of this seem to have actually any affect on the story, just various conversations.

Goodness, Gracious, an excellent Balls the Granite
here you will obtain a choice to take it the stones or let the man keep the stones.

If girlfriend let him store the stones he will certainly pay tyou 50 coins and then offer another reward in 7 days. Regrettably he dies in those 7 job so you only obtain the 50 coins and also lose out on the stones.

If you return the stones you get paid with a cool tiny statue you deserve to place in your house.

Till death Do You part
The choice here is for who you will eliminate from the Tomb.

If you eliminate the guy, he will ask friend to carry him come the Gwent culture tomb and to be honest he doesn’t seem to upset about it. Girlfriend will also get the mystery of whereby the Gwent card is hidden. The is a monster map so if girlfriend don’t rock the deck you can not care.

If you select to take the end the woman and also she’ll ask you to ar her near her mother grave. Search the grave near the tree furthest south of the graveyard and also put the woman there. Ar the urn and then go back to the crypt, he tells you the he doesn’t have actually the cards yet sends you come speak through a swordsmith to gain a sword instead. It’s a simple Steel sword worth nearly 1,000 coin.

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take it The lock
throughout the mission you will run into Rodrick and also his men and also face them. Girlfriend will have actually a choice to assist Rodrick or to leaving him behind through saying no my problem.

If you choose not my problem, Geralt will leave the behind to the Ducal Guard, uneven he bleeds to death in the mean time. He gets caught and also the Duchess insurance claims that he will be tried because that treason.

If you select to aid him you offer him miscellaneous to avoid the bleeding and he many thanks you, something can pop up later, will update if it does.

The Night Of lengthy Fangs
This is wherein you will need to make the selection to confront off with Dettlaff or to cavern into his demands and also get him Syanna. Regis would really like that you shot to acquire Syanna.

Freeing Syanna

If you go for Syanna friend will first have to discover out whereby she is gift held. This will involve traveling through Regis and also of course dealing with off with reduced tier Vampires, use your Vampire oil. Yrden can additionally be helpful to slow-moving down the faster Vampires favor the Alp. When you obtain to the square girlfriend will have to use her Witcher sense to monitor the footprints to assist you discover Damien. Once you run into Damien tell the you have a different setup then killing Dettlaff. Call him civilization are dying and also you require to understand what he knows.

Go come the playroom with Regis and begin to find it. Girlfriend will want to pick up the newspaper on the desk on the second floor. The just one the really matters is the middle one, something about the soil of Fables, you have the right to read the remainder though. To discover the book, inspect behind the painting in the room for a an essential then open up up the cabinet to uncover the publication inside. This will warp you right into an illusion and switch up the quest.

Beyond Hill and Dale will start once you go into the land of fables, this is quiet to get Syanna despite so I will certainly leave it here. Girlfriend will have to challenge the evil Witch, just shoot her down v your crossbow when she make the efforts to charge you to gain her the end of the sky. ~ killing she you will require to discover Joss. Kill the wolves close to him and he will sort of help you uncover the beans you space looking for.

The blue bean is in the three tiny pig’s house, usage Aard to break it down. The Red bean is at the small Red talk Hood area. The last bean is at Longlock’s Tower. Friend will need to kill a spirit to get it so use Yrden. The Flint girl has actually some red scarf the Syanna wants, friend can get it for her by Gwent or to buy it. The bears are simply there come fight ns guess, didn’t really get anything out of them except magic food. When you have all the beans, go plant them and you will get a cut scene. In ~ the optimal you will have actually to challenge a giant, remember come land a couple hits and earlier out and to usage Quen. ~ beating the Giant, you can Romance Syanna before heading earlier to the genuine world, i think you need to red scarf to make it work though. After the head come the well and also jump ~ above in.

After a couple of cut scenes, Syanna is put ago into the fable work and you have to confront off with Dettlaff. Ns thought maybe we can avoid this mess but apparently we can’t, fighting him has to happen. Oh and also for the third part of the fight, you must kill the blood sacks to gain out the the illusion or whatever is walking on.

Finding The Unseen If you choose this path you will need to see Orianna in the city. She will ask you to aid her examine her orphanage and also then give you a mission to track under the man who was supposed to it is in watching the children. Outside of the orphanage, down the stairs girlfriend can uncover a blood stain top top the wall , inspect it out through you Witcher senses and also follow the scent. As soon as you gain to the tracks, examine them out and then monitor them through Roach.

When you get to the beach, examine the human body on the coach to get the next part. Your target is under the bridge, usage Vampire oil to assist you out. Prey the body after friend beat it for the trophy. Go back to Orianna after you complete the target. I can’t say what happens following is all that unexpected, but you can’t perform anything around it. Head outside and also tell the bird to call Regis. Usage the boat to overcome the lake and enter the cave with the key you got from Orianna. You might want to conserve her because we experience a glitch soon after. The cave is home to some Vampires so use Vampire oil again.

When girlfriend run right into the Unseen friend will have actually the choice to to speak not below to hurt you or stop right there. Either way the Unseen one feasts on Geralt and then tosses that aside, making you shed your weapons. Choose up your gear and drink a potion. As soon as you recover you will need to find method to appease the Unseen elder. Walk deeper into the cave and also check the bag next to the fire and also read the note. Use your Witcher sense and follow the footprints close to the fire. You will be facing much more Vampires as you monitor the footsteps. Eventually you will certainly run into a stream running upwards.

Keep complying with the foot prints but additionally keep one eye for chests. As you are progressing you will check out a Vampire in the distance. If you run the gap to the left you can use Aard on the rock there come launch it. After friend break that go come the Vampire and also kill it. Usage your Witcher feeling to uncover a small flower close to there that you need to offer to the Unseen. Jump right into the water ~ that and also you can use the rock you knocked down as a way to get back up to the Unseen. When you talk to the Unseen call him that Dettlaff will carry trouble.

You deserve to then phone call the Unseen that you will kill Dattlaff one he will agree to summon him. I m so sad without Syanna right here he won’t even listen come reason and also you are compelled to fight him. I execute not think over there is a way to do him avoid without death him.