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currently with over 25K global downloads and the height rating because that domino counters on the application Store, Domino counter is the most loved domino counting application available!The best counter just gained even better with all of these features:Quick and also AccurateUsing the pip shapes, matching colors or even your camera* you have the right to have her score counted up in mere seconds!Counting Features• Count with your camera! *• 1 - 15 domino pips• Custom double zero value• Changeable themes• collection each dominoes' color*Score KeeperKeep monitor of everyone's points in one place! are there 2, 4, 6 or also 99 the you? Domino respond to can store track of everyone's score.*Styled her WayCustomize a grasp of choices to do Domino counter look how you want! complement the domino colors making use of the camera shade picker or by making use of the custom color picker.*Dark ModeIt's 2020, every little thing should have a dark setting option because that crying the end loud!Domino respond to ProWith the Domino counter Plus in-app purchase, you can count even faster using your camera & customize every the colors! even get accessibility to the experimental camera counter, just snap a photograph of a few dominoes and it'll tell you how numerous pips you've got!---Domino counter uses auto-renewing subscriptions.Payment will be fee to your i would account at the check of purchase. The subscription immediately renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the finish of the existing period. Your account will certainly be charged for rebirth within 24 hrs prior to the finish of the present period. You have the right to manage and cancel her subscriptions by going come your app Store account setups after purchase. Cancellation of the current energetic subscription duration is no allowed.Terms of Use: Policy:*) Is a component of the Domino counter Plus in-app purchase.

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Feb 13, 2020

Version 4.1

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What's brand-new on Domino Counter• Score Keeper: save track the everyone's point out in one place! space there 2, 4, 6 or also 99 of you? Domino respond to can now keep track of everyone's score. (Domino counter Plus)• Significantly better camera counting! allow me call you... The camera is lot much much far better at counting circles. (Domino counter Plus)• streamlined the counting style to better fit on every devicesThanks for utilizing Domino Counter!Have a trouble or require help? struggle me up on Twitter,