i obtain soo lonely sometimes and yet i don"t desire to it is in bothered with company. Does that make any type of sence come anyone else? is it simply me? why do i feeling this way? i hate it when i obtain into among these moods due to the fact that i don"t understand where come turn. Go anyone else ever before feel prefer this? all i need to do is pick up the phone and also call someone, yet i don"t want to permit them know how i feel and also i don"t desire to pretend that whatever is yes either. I likewise don"t want to be bothered by hearne to your problems. Wow, the doesn"t say too much for me walk it? sorry, i"m simply venting. take care harmony

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ah harmony ns know exactly how you feel! ns felt favor that tonight. Ns feel kinda lonely yet i don"t desire to walk out through anyone (even though I gained offers). It"s together a monster thing, isn"t it?
Harmony I obtain where your coming from...I desire to call my sister cuz i"m so lonely...but i don"t becasue ns can"t was standing the thought of having actually to hear to her gripe about all the ingredient thats wrong in her life. It makes me feel choose I"m the worst human in the world, yet I don"t know just how to acquire past it. For this reason I just stay holed up in my room through myself alone. Kat
Hi, I gain that means a lot. Ns want contact with someone, however it seems prefer so much initiative to try and be in the space they"re in, it is in cheerful, interesting, whatever, as soon as I don"t feel also like talk to anyone. I find that this wake up a lot when I am simply tired and have had too much stimulation and also don"t know it. Sometimes, ns think, we need a rest just from the world. But sometimes, ns feel together though i am locked inside myself and also don"t have the power to gain out. But it can acquire lonely, too. Take care, offer yourself what girlfriend need, Seaturtle
just wanted to say I currently feel the same. I gain like this every now and also then. It"s what I speak to my "I don"t know" mood.... It"s like I don"t know what i want. Carry out I want the agency (in this case a completely understanding - hell, over knowledge boyfriend) or do I want to be alone? It"s just weird. I want to it is in alone, yet at the very same time i regret choosing to be alone. So simply to let friend know, you aren"t the just one!
Yes, over there are various times the I simply want to it is in alone far from every body. Sometimes my husband and also sons go somewhere and also I continue to be home. I don"t stroked nerves answering the phone. I just want to read a book or clock a great movie. Eat other extra fatting and no one needs to know about it. Except my cat and also she could treatment less. That does feeling a small lonely though. I just get worn down of the extra noises. Sassy
thanks all of you because that responding. I guess the isn"t simply me after all. I"m sorry the you every go through the very same thing since it deserve to be hell sometimes. harmony

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ns feel like that a LOT. I"m extroverted by nature yet I typically don"t have actually the mental power to attend to anyone else"s life problems, and also everyone has actually them, so ns usually end up being what I call a "horrible friend." Logically, I recognize that if you desire to have friends you need to keep in contact with them, however somehow picking up the phone simply sounds so tiring, because I"ll either need to be fun and also conversational when I"m really no feeling it or ns feel choose I"ll be convinced to agree to points I don"t desire to perform (or maybe execute want to do but feel too depressed to) prefer go the end for having lunch or go shopping once I yes, really don"t feel like also getting dressed. Therefore yeah, I"m lonely and know I need lots more human interaction than I"m getting, but yet it appears so time and also energy consuming that I end up avoiding it.