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Who doesn’t love a an excellent tongue twister, particularly a Dr. Seuss tongue twister! because that years Dr. Seuss has produced a fun and entertaining method for kids to discover reading and also fluency with their tongue twisters. 

We space sharing our most loved Dr. Seuss tongue twisters v you so that you can assist inspire her child’s love for reading as they exercise their fluency and also reading in a fun brand-new way! 


Dr. Seuss Tongue Twisters

“I imply that friend chew a few chips and also a chop in ~ Skipper Zipp’s Clipper delivery Chip Chop Shop.”

— five Say can You Say?

“Through 3 cheese trees three complimentary fleas flew.”

— Fox in Socks

“Of the world’s finest, fanciest Breezy Trapeezing!My Zoom-a-Zoop Troupe native West upper Ben-Deezing”

— If ns Ran theCircus

“If her daddy’s name is Jimand if Jim swims and if Jim’s slim,the perfect Christmas gift because that himis a collection of Slim Jim swimming Fins.”

— five Say deserve to You Say?

“When beetlesfight this battlesin a bottlewith your paddlesand the bottle’son a poodleand the poodle’seating noodles……they speak to thisa muddle puddletweetle poodlebeetle noodlebottle paddle battle.”

— Fox in Socks

“The storm startswhen the drops begin dropping.When the drops stop droppingthen the storm beginning stopping.”

— five say deserve to youSay?

“Mr Brown is smart together smart together they come! He have the right to do a hippopotamus chewing scrum! SCRUM SCRUM CRUM SCRUM SCRUM”

— Mr. Brown deserve to MOO! can You? : Dr. Seuss’s publication of WonderfulNoises

Flupp!…the sharp wind whisked turn off Bartholomew’s hat. Flupp

Flupp…two an ext flew off. Flupp Flupp Flupp flew another…and

another. ‘…4…5…6…7…’ Bartholomew preserved counting as

the hats came faster and faster.”

— The 500 Hats of BartholomewCubbins

“Or worse 보다 all that…Why, you could be a WASN’T!A Wasn’t has actually no fun at all. No, he doesn’t.A Wasn’t just isn’t. He just isn’t present.But you…You are YOU! And, currently isn’t the pleasant!”

— Happy birthday ToYou!

“I love to attract whiskers,and Mr. McGrewdidn’t have also one.So I attracted him a few.

— ns Can attract It Myself by Me, Myself: with a small Help from My friend Dr. Seuss

“That Sneetches are SneetchesAnd no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches.”

— The Sneetches and OtherStories

IT’S an ELEPHANT BIRD!!And it have to be, it should be, it have to be prefer that!Because Horton to be faithful! he sat and also he sat!He supposed what he saidAnd he stated what that meant…..’…. And also they sent him homeHappy,One hundred every cent!”

— Horton Hatches theEgg




Now us

see three.”

— Hop on Pop

“BIG Jlittle j

What starts with j?

Jerry Jordan’sjelly jarand jambegin the way.”

— Dr. Seuss’s ABC

“Ninety-nine zillion,Nine trillion and also twoCreatures are sleepling!So…How about you?”

— Dr. Seuss’s SLEEPBOOK

“I’ll bag a big bug Who is very surprising A feller who has A propeller because that rising”

— If ns Ran theZoo

“Bump!Bump!Bump!Did you ever before ride a Wump?We have a Wumpwith simply one hump.But we know a mancalled Mr. Gump.Mr. Gump has a 7 hump WumpSo…if you choose to walk Bump! Bump!just run on the hump the a Wump that Gump.”

— One fish two fish red fish bluefish

Scrambled eggs Super-dee-Dooper-dee-Booper distinct de luxury a-la-Peter T. Hooper!

— Scarmbled egg Super!

You have the right to stop, if friend want, v the ZBecause most people stop v the ZBut not me!

— On past Zebra

“Slow feet, quick feet.Trick feet, sick feet.Up feet, under feet.Here come clown feet.Small feet, big feet.Here come pig feet.His feet, her feet.Fuzzy fur feet.”


There you have it, the ideal Dr.

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Seuss tongue twisters your youngsters (and you) will certainly love! What is her favorite tongue twisters? share in the comments. 

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