If you’ve hung around here for awhile, you understand it’s no mystery that my family loves easy Grammar and Daily Grams. You can read my evaluation of the can be fried Series, as well as a compare of basic Grammar and very first Language Lessons. The people at basic Grammar recently sent me the 4th grade level of simple Grammar and also Daily Grams to testimonial and, the course, us love them, too!

Because I’m so vocal around the reality that we’re huge fans, I gain a the majority of questions around Easy Grammar and also Daily Grams. For that reason, I’d favor to execute this testimonial in a Q&A format. Please realize that ns am answering these questions from my own an individual experience, not as an main spokesperson for straightforward Grammar and Daily Grams.

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Do you have to use basic Grammar and also Daily Grams together? It’s not required that you do. Both have the right to be used individually of the other, but they integrate to do a an extensive grammar routine for youngsters in grades 3-7, with additional books set up in the everyday Grams layout for qualities 2 and also 8-12. We have actually loved all of the books in the series, however I was especially fond the the second grade book. It was perfect for my kids, both in lesson length and also scope and sequence, as soon as they were that age.

Easy Grammar provides the actual teaching text, while day-to-day Grams administer daily 5-10 minute evaluation sheets that assist reinforce and cement ideas learned. Both messages use a cyclical style of learning that helps students master and also retain concepts such as:

PunctuationCapitalizationParts of speechSubject/verb agreement

Each basic Grammar level starts by having students memorize a perform of preposition — in the fourth grade text, the list boosts to 40. Then, students find out to find and cross out the prepositional phrase, do it less complicated to identify the subject and verb. Students invest time learning about individual parts of speech, such as pronouns, adverbs, and also adjectives. There are likewise two complete sections committed to punctuation and capitalization.

My son hasn’t usedEasy Grammar and also Daily Grams before; ~ above what level need to we start? Because all of the class levels have the same an easy information, teach in a cyclical layout to help students achieve mastery, ns suggest starting at everything your child’s great level wake up to be. Every level simply rises in complexity and builds on basic concepts, which room reviewed at every level. An exemption to this ide is if you have a son in 8th grade or above. In the case, ns would usage with straightforward Grammar Plus, i m sorry is the last installment in the easy Grammar collection and was written for middle school v adult users.

Do I need both the teacher and student version of the books? no necessarily. The teacher’s versions of both straightforward Grammar and also Daily Grams save on computer both the answer an essential and reproducible college student pages. In easy Grammar, the college student page and also the answer an essential page are side by side, so you would have to copy the student page for her child. (To do this easy, ns usually have the binding eliminated from the book and have it three-hole drilled so that I have the right to place the in a binder.)

In the daily Grams book, the answer key is in the ago of the book, so photocopying isn’t necessary. For both books, a non-reproducible student publication is accessible for her convenience. It’s often less expensive come buy the student book, quite than act all that copying, specifically if you have actually multiple students. I like having actually the answer keys for faster grading or for referral if I’m not sure of an answer…which happens an ext often, the enlarge my youngsters get. The basic Grammar teacher edition is $27.95; the student message is $13.95. The daily Grams teacher version is $24.95, when the student text is $12.95.

Easy Grammar and also Daily Grams room one part of our homeschool day the my youngsters never complain about. together a matter of fact, Brianna actually claimed she was a little disappointed to end up the easy Grammar collection because she appreciated doing it. She’s quiet doing the Ultimate series books, of course. To me, there’s not a much better endorsement because that a grammar routine than children who love grammar. it does your grammar geezer mama’s heart an excellent to hear them say it. The just complaint I’ve heard around Easy Grammar 4 to be from Josh: the book is pink. Hey, if that’s the worst thing he’s obtained to say about it, we’re good.

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I obtained these products complimentary for the purpose of reviewing them. I obtained no various other compensation for this review. The opinions express in this testimonial are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience might vary.