Please don't give any type of spoilers here since I really am trying to play the game and also enjoy it. But, what space your recommendations? lug ED-E to the followers? Or bring him to the Brotherhood the Steel? ns just obtained the end the air contact on ED-E indigenous the Brotherhood which was soon complied with by the contact from the Followers.

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Let me recognize which one is better!

Also, i haven't done any type of missions for the brotherhood that the followers yet.


As with most decisions this game offers you, over there is no "better" option here.

Without going into spoiler-grade details, giving ED-E come the pendant upgrades his attacks and giving him to the BoS upgrades his armor.

Neither choice will negatively result your future interactions through the various other faction.

if you're play hardcore, walk for the shielding. ED-E is the stupidest that the companions, he runs right into the talons the deathclaws. Also, If you're planning on playing Lonesome road (which friend should) there space 5 upgrades accessible for friend eyebot, that room transmitted ago to ED-E when you've finished. Discovering that, shields or lasers is no that critical of a decision.

He not just runs in ~ them, the does it from a distance, and also you are choose WTF ED-E, where ya going...oh, deathclaws, you fucking idiot.

Always the Followers uneven you're play on Hardcore. Because EDE can't equip tools there's no other means to do him an ext lethal.

Interestingly, lately my ED-E has started attacking v what looks like Alien Blaster bolts with the accompanying tinkling glass death effect. However sometimes that still provides his old laser.

I haven't bring away him to BoS or the pendant yet.

What happened?

That happened to me together well, but I had actually chosen ED-E's path already. Perhaps a DLC change, or simply a lvl reach? no sure, yet the an initial time I experienced it, ns was all, "Holy SHIT...FUCK YEAH" because that shit was awesome.

Followers will certainly upgrade his laser, BoS will upgrade his armor (DR).

IMO, armour upgrade is much far better since ED-E's weapon is beside useless also with the upgrade. He's not there to carry out damage, that's not his job. He's an ext of a spotter/mule companion.

He's no there to carry out damage

I discover that he gets an awful the majority of kills v his vital hits, even with me and Boone also involved in the combat through me in ~ lvl 30

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Are you simply playing the game to have actually fun and win, or do you additionally consider morals and also philosophy as soon as making decisions?

If the latter, check out up a little bit on every faction. The BoS aren't that evil, yet they're greedy and also (arguably) selfish. Lock want technology for themselves, to more their own ends. The Followers desire to use an innovation to assist the people of the wasteland.

Idiot aleart.

Who room the followers.

I have had actually ED-E because that a while however he has actually just to be sitting together a companion. I have the search for him but nothing else.

Followers the the apocalypse. Carry him come them and they update his guns. Carry him to the brotherhood and they provide him much more armour.

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Considering the ED-E already has the highest health and wellness of every the companions, it's redundant to obtain that upgraded, followers is the finest choice.