The guy In The High Castle: Ranking Each key Character's Arc Stakes were high in Amazon"s dystopian alternate background drama The guy in the High Castle. Indigenous Kido to Juliana, which characters were finest developed?

Takeshi Kido in suit, Juliana Crain on street
Amazon"s The guy in the High Castle is quickly one the the most complex series to have aired on television in recent years. Despite its conclusion was far from to solve for many fans, the collection nevertheless called some extremely compelling stories about heroism, race, agency, and also so much more in that is four-season run.

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Expanding on the people of Philip K. Dick"s original novel, the Amazon Prime collection also introduced and adapted dozens that fascinating characters, though several of them were far more compelling than others. The collection focused ~ above a core team of characters, despite the breadth of its world, but not every one of them got adequate advance or attention.

When The man in the High Castle began, it was clear that Joe Blake had plenty of potential. Together a twin agent, the was among the characters with the many at stake, particularly as he found himself romantically swayed through Juliana Crain.

But native the 2nd season onward, it came to be clear the show had no actual concrete plans for him. Joe spent the 2nd season wasting far in self-indulgent and self-loathing splendor in Germany, prior to going full irredeemable rogue in season 3.

9 Helen Smith

Chelah Horsdal together Helen smith in The guy in the High Castle
Helen smith is an additional character the series never quite figures out what to carry out with. In the first two seasons, she is a doting housewife fully devoted to the Reich. Then, suddenly, audiences space expected to think she can play a function in saving the day.

After she son"s suicide, she begins to inquiry her loyalty. However she makes no genuine character development or adjust until the eleventh hour in the series" last season, making her attempt at redemption ring hollow.

Nicole Dormer in The man in the High Castle
Nicole Dormer is possibly the opposite of Joe and Helen. When she is introduced in the series, she shows up as nothing much more than a distraction, a caricature quite than a character together she leader Joe v a life of debauchery.

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But in the 3rd season, which was, unfortunately, she last, she is offered one that the series" very first LGBTQ+ storylines, which forces her to confront her own an individual loyalties come her duty in developing propaganda because that a society determined to death all those choose her. Sadly, Nicole"s storyline end all as well abruptly, and with a far from solve resolution.

7 john Smith

Rufus Sewell in The man in the High lock Season 2
another character with wasted potential is arguably one of the series" many important. Man Smith travel an remarkable trajectory across the span of the series, climbing from Obergruppenfuhrer to Reichsfuhrer over the expectancy of 4 seasons.

Yet every the while together he walk this, Smith continues to question his commitment to the system he works to assert. As his allegiance to his family over all take away precedence, it becomes harder and also harder to believe Smith"s increase to the duty of can be fried villain, no issue his last-minute acceptance of his culpability.

over there are few kinder, far better people in the civilization of High Castle 보다 the ever-loyal and lovable Ed McCarthy. Though he"s seldom given much more focus than that the a sustaining character and second banana, Ed is nevertheless one that the series" most reliable, heroic characters.

Ed works alongside Frank, Juliana, and Childan in their fights versus their enemies, however he"s not given the opportunity to have his own storyline until he finds love in season 3. Yet then, without explanation, the series moves on, and also Ed"s story is left unfinished.

5 Robert Childan

For lot of his time in the first couple of seasons, Robert Childan serves together both comic relief and also a plot device. As a liaison in between the American populace and the Japanese elite, the is yet another character in the series" people who stays within the gray.

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However, as the present progresses, Childan"s life continues to spiral additional out of his very own control, result in instances equal parts hilarious and terrifying. The is his romance with Yukiko, a Japanese mrs who begins to work-related with him in his antiquities shop, that eventually makes his character"s arc for this reason meaningful.

Tagomi is arguably the most intelligent personality in the people of The guy in the High Castle. Not only does he have whole lifetime that experience and also wisdom behind that in his duty as trade Minister, yet Tagomi is additionally the first character shown to have an knowledge of the multiverse, and also the ability to travel in between worlds using the I Ching.

Tagomi is given many moving storylines transparent the series, an especially his cross-universe bond v Juliana Crain and also in the various other universe whereby he has actually relationships through his family. Yet Tagomi"s arc is reduced all too short by the nonsensical decision to kill his character off-screen between seasons 3 and also 4.

3 Takeshi Kido

The man that Takeshi Kido is once the series ends is almost unrecognizable from the male he was when it began. In ~ the start of High Castle, Kido is a wholly imposing man, the fierce chef Inspector who shows no mercy when dealing with his foes, no issue the circumstance.

But end the course of the series, Kido"s layers are pulled back and his complexities revealed, with his flirtation v a woman named Gina and also through his powerful, protective, self-sacrificing partnership with his adult son, Toru.

frank Frink is among the personalities who undergoes few of the greatest amounts of breakthrough and adjust over the food of the three seasons in which he appears. As soon as the show begins, the is simply Juliana"s boyfriend, a listless artist that Jewish lower who battles to assimilate into a human being that hates him.

By the 2nd season, frank is a fully radicalized member of the Resistance, practically giving his life in the surname of the cause and in the wishes of bringing an finish to the cruelty and hatred the permeates his world. In the 3rd season, that is a male changed, both physically and emotionally, who ultimately makes peace with his life and also sacrifice before his untimely fatality at the hands of his nemesis, Kido.

1 Juliana Crain

as soon as Juliana Crain enters the step in the an initial episode, she is a quiet, unassuming young woman who practices Aikido and lives through her boyfriend. By the moment the collection ends, Juliana is nothing quick of the savior of the multiverse, the one true hero qualified of placing an finish to the strength of the Reich.

Her trip is truly a sight to behold, as she is radicalized through the ns of her sister Trudy and made conscious of the fact of the multiverse through Tagomi and Hawthorne Abendsen. She pertains to accept her power and her distinct abilities, no matter the dangers or cost.

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