around She Takes my Breath far

"She Takes my Breath Away" is a track by American singer Eddie Money, exit in 1992 together the third solitary from his eighth studio album best Here. The was written by Money, Gary Bromham, Dennis Morgan, Monty Byrom and also Marc Tanner, and also produced by Tanner and Money, with extr production by Randy D. Jackson. "She Takes mine Breath Away" got to No. 5 top top the united state Billboard Album absent Tracks and also remained in the charts because that 12 weeks."She Takes mine Breath Away" was motivated by Money"s wife. Money said The Noblesville Ledger in 1992: "She has a great body; she is gorgeous. She has three kids and one top top the means for me. She takes my breath away and also I think world can relate to song." The song was featured in the 1992 American action comedy movie Kuffs.more »

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Ah, together a quite girlA red dress, looking as well seriousWhen she walsk right into a roomWearin" those high heelsMan, she renders me feelLike a rocket that"s off to the moonShe"s around a moverHey, what have the right to I sayShe takes my breath awayDancin" like the floor"s ~ above fireAnd we"re never ever touchin" the groundWell, she lifts me a small bit higherAnd ns love when there"s no comin" downShe it is in runnin" red hot, ns can"t put out the flameShe tears me up, like a hurricaneShe"s a roller-coaster, she"s a tidal waveShe takes my breath awayWell, she take away (well, she takes)Takes mine breath (takes my breath)Everytime she moves that wayAll mine words (all mine words)Hard come say (hard come say)Well, she takes my breath awayWatch out, she"s prefer dynamiteShe might go turn off anytimeFascination, stimulation, uh huhNow she"s obtained me so hypnotizedWhen she move itI have the right to hardly sayShe takes mine breath away(Na na na) Na na na(Hey hey hey) Hey hey heyAnd my love is beatin" quicker nowOoh yeah(Na na na) Na na na(Hey hey hey)Well, she takes my breath awayEvery time she moves aroundThere"s no way I"m comin" downAnd my heart is beatin" faster nowI can"t get her off my mindSomethin" happens every timeNow what more can i say?And ns gotta have her, oh night and also dayShe takes mine breath awayWell, she take away (well, she takes)Takes my breath (takes mine breath)And i love the means she theatre (come on baby play v me)Every relocate (every move) the she renders (that she makes)Well, she, she takes my breath awayWell, she"s obtained (well, she"s got) what it takes (what the takes)And I"ll never ever be the same (never it is in the same now)All my words (all my words)Hard come say (hard come say)"Cause she, she takes my breath awayYeah, hey hey hey

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Eddie Money Eddie Money (born Edward Joseph Mahoney, in march 2, 1949, in Brooklyn, brand-new York), is an American absent guitarist, saxophonist, and also singer–songwriter who found success in the 1970s and 1980s through a string of peak 40 hits and platinum albums. Rock impresario bill Graham claimed of Money, "Eddie Money has actually it all.... Not only deserve to he sing, write, and play, however he is a organic performer." much more »