Egyptian God Slime

Egyptian God Slime– #LED7-EN001

1 Aqua monster + 1 Level 10 WATER monsterMust an initial be either blend Summoned, or one-of-a-kind Summoned from your Extra Deck by Tributing 1 Level 10 Aqua monster with 0 ATK. This card can be treated together 1 or 3 Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a monster. Cannot be ruined by battle. Her opponent’s monsters can not target for attacks, and also your foe cannot target v card effects, any kind of monsters girlfriend control, except “Egyptian God Slime”.

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Date Reviewed: November 20th, 2020

Rating: 3.0

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King ofLullaby

Hello wgc2010.org Fans,

Egyptian God Slime wraps up the week and is a an excellent addition to those who desire to beat Divine-Beast monsters.

You can fusion Summon this, but tributing a Level 10 Aqua monster with 0 ATK is much easier. One card can get you a 3000/3000 3 tribute monster, that might be a 1-for-1 ~ above paper, but it is an ext than that. Metal Reflect Slime and Guardian Slime are the two finest choices, each able to be searched in ~ the archetype strategy, and easily available to the field. Other mainstream options are two of the Timelord monsters: Zaphion and also Gabrion. Needing just one monster because that a Divine-Beast consolidates resources needed for the summon and also saves friend the need for three monsters. On optimal of that, you might just supplied EGS together an offensive weapon, that is after all 3000ATK, and it pressures your adversary to eliminate it before going after your other monsters with strikes or effects. Blanket effects will still do the job, yet so much of the video game is targeting nowadays, and EGS is indestructible in battle, limiting your foe to effects.

Any deck play a Level 10 WATER monster deserve to summon this and it is a viable alternative for an Extra Deck. One-card 3000ATK battle immunity and also forces your adversary to use effects on it before going after her monsters.

Advanced-3.5/5 Art-4/5

Until next TimeKingofLullaby


We finish the week off with a classic anime card lastly getting published to the map game, Egyptian God Slime.

Egyptian God Slime is a Level 10 WATER Aqua through 3000 ATK and also DEF. Great stats overall and also still got that quite WATER/Aqua combo. The needs to fusion Summon this card are any type of Aqua and any Level 10 WATER Monster, i m sorry is more than likely aren’t exactly how you’re summoning this due to the fact that instead you can Special Summon this native the Extra Deck by tributing a Level 10 Aqua through 0 ATK, i beg your pardon Guardian Slime and Metal Reflect Slime space your two options, and it’s a fine means to perform such and it renders it generically usable if you desire to litter a steel Reflect Slime into your Deck. This card deserve to be treated together either 1 or 3 tributes because that a Tribute Summon, most likely to supplement summoning the Egyptian Gods, though I’d love to view this offered with humidity Creature. It cannot be destroyed in battle, due to the fact that how do you really destroy slime? Finally, your opponent can just target any kind of Egyptian God Slime you regulate for attacks or effects, i m sorry is a pretty an excellent universal security for your monsters and it’s an excellent to include this to the fight destruction immunity. Basically makes it to where you require an effect to out this thing. It’s an as whole cool adaptation that the anime classic and also I’m happy to ultimately see it published to the TCG/OCG format.

Advanced Rating: 3/5

Art: 5/5 pillar in slime type looks cooler top top actual map art 보다 I would certainly of expected.

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Alex Searcy

Seeing Egyptian God Slime top top the initial anime as a kid was therefore cool. Level 10, Water/Aqua, 3000 atk/def and blend requirements gift an Aqua Monster and a Level 10 Water Monsters. Well we covered one Level 10 Water this week, steel Reflect Slime is another, just to point that out. And also any Aqua Monster is an open and easy to fill for the other side. Additionally, it have to be Fusion/Special Summoned by Tributing a Level 10 Aqua Monster (both referenced front fit the bill) from your Field. Being able to be treated as 3 Tributes for a Monster (again, clearly Ra or any of the Gods) IS a an excellent thing. You’re jumping v a pair hoops to lug this card the end (well maybe a hoop and also a half) simply to bring Ra (or Slifer/Obelisk) come the Field. Battle immunity is good, specifically with 3000 atk/def, therefore that’s a benefit. Although over there are better Monsters and also ones less complicated to Summon to acquire that effect. This is the just Monster your foe can strike or Target with Card Effects, which is great and bad. In Battle, it’s not likely to be operation over. Gift the only card that have the right to be Targeted effect wise just way the an initial one that can come and destroy this card will, and then you’ve shed an awful lot of resources. The longer this card remains on the Field, the worse the is for you. You need that Ra/God immediately.

Rating: 2.5/5


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