There is controversy about Six an excellent Gods and Eight Greed majesties are player indigenous YGGDRASIL.

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If I'm no mistaken Six great Gods we slain by the Eight Greed Kings. And I believe someone have cite in WB the the leader the Eight Greed kings was the people champion the Asgard.

We all recognize Ainz Ooal Gown(Guild) likewise was a strong guild prior to during your prime, plus v Touch Me to be the civilization Champion of Álfheimr.

We likewise know the Eight Greed Kings have left some of their weapon, had their guild weapon (sword).

In ax of battle power and also strength, if Six an excellent Gods and Eight Greed emperors are still approximately is Nazarick may be to an obstacle them?


Nazarick is far much more powerful than the Six great Gods and also the Eight Greed Kings. Quite than simply challenge them, Nazarick would certainly utterly ruin both groups. Nazarick has 12 level 100 entities (Ainz, Shalltear, Mare, Albedo, Cocytus, Sebas, Aura, Demiurge, Gargantua, Pandora’s Actor, Lastborn, Rubedo). That outnumbers both the 6GGs and the 8GKs. Plus, Nazarick has 11 or therefore WCIs, which significantly increases your combat strength. Also, Nazarick has actually Rubedo as their trumped card; a devastatingly powerful NPC that’s known to have the ability to easily defeat large groups of level 100 players. Rubedo by herself may be able to defeat the Six good Gods and the Eight Greed Kings, if you add in Ainz and the remainder of the guardians, it simply becomes overkill. Nazarick wins.

I think it was discussed that Rubedo can overcome all of the members the AOG by herself, consisting of Touch Me. However, someone prefer Touch Me might possibly to win the guild v a distinct WCI like one of the 20. It's virtually impossible to beat her without a WCI. Ainz pointed out that the NPCs of the 8th floor would require one to save her under regulate if she ever rebelled.

When 8GK arrived, only among 6GG was still alive, mainly due to the fact that that human being was undead. They eliminated remaining "great god" and proceeded to gain fucked end by platinum dragon lords and their very own infighting.

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Not sure how much is brought over to the LN, however it is pointed out in one of the WN chapters (Ch.78.)

Basically Pandora's Actor renders a passing comment, identify the surname of Touch Me's wepaon as "World Champion of Alfheimr."

Most most likely if that is come happen, the SGG and EGK would certainly be in a stalemate and also would try to recruitment nazarick into it side.