Born – 1122Died – 1st April 1204Father – wilhelm X that Aquitaine (1099 – 1137)Mother – Aenor de Chatellerault (1103 – 1130)Spouses – m. 1137 – louis VII of France, m. 1152 – Henry II the England (1133 – 1189)Children – by Louis VII – Marie (1145 – 1198), Alix (1150 – 1198)by Henry II – wilhelm (1153 – 1156), Henry (1155 – 1183), Matilda (1156 – 1189), King Richard ns (1157 – 1199), Geoffrey (1158 – 1186), Eleanor (1162 – 1214), Joan (1165 – 1199), King man (1166 – 1216)Queen Consort the France – 1137 – 1152Queen Consort the England – 1154 – 1189 
Eleanor of Aquitaine to be born the daughter of wilhelm X fight it out of Aquitaine and Aenor de Châtellerault. 
William fight it out of Aquitaine died while on trip to St James the Compostela and also Eleanor inherited Aquitaine. King louis VI, King that France was appointed she guardian.

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Eleanor developed a an extremely close connection with her uncle, Raymond the Poitiers, that was staying in Antioch at the time. The connection made luigi jealous.
The ship moving Eleanor ago to France indigenous the divine land was assaulted by byzantine ships. Eleanor’s delivery escaped the assault but was blown off course by a storm.
Eleanor of Aquitaine, age 30 years, married Henry Plantagenet, the 18 year old nephew of King Henry i of England.

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A son, William, was born come Eleanor the Aquitaine and Henry Plantagenet. He was styled counting of Poitiers.
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