Only nine more days until Christmas! over there is quiet so much to do! At least that also method there are just nine more days to relocate the Elf top top the Shelf. I understand I’m no the just one running out of ideas and hiding spots. The is why I had actually to share this really simple Elf ~ above the Shelf candy Cane Hunt v you today.

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We have two elves, Chippy and Snowflake. The kids love them therefore much. I mentioned prior to that we don’t gain over the top an imaginative with them. The is funny to throw in a few shenanigans during the elf season though. We always start it off through an Elf on the Shelf arrival Breakfast.

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I likewise have an entire Pinterest Board devoted to these elves! There are so many ideas on there. Many of the principles I conserve are super easy.

Pick up some Candy Canes in ~ the keep this week!

If you haven’t already done a candy Cane Hunt v your Elf ~ above the Shelf, add it to her to do list this week! take a package of liquid canes if you room at the grocery keep or dollar Tree and also you will be all set. Friend could likewise just execute Amazon prime if you space too liven for that!


To gain ready because that the candy Cane Hunt, you will simply need come hide the candy canes roughly the home where the elves typically travel. Our elves never go upstairs. The freaks the children out to think they would be up over there while they space sleeping.

Candy Cane Hiding Spots

I hid the candy canes downstairs and also it take it maybe 5 minutes. Some an excellent hiding locations are in the Christmas Tree, hanging out of stockings, hooked onto room drawers, in the fruit bowl, and attached to playthings or stuffed animals.


Elf top top the Shelf liquid Cane Hunt

You will also need a keep in mind from the elves. Deserve to You find All 12 liquid Canes? place this note and also the empty crate of candy canes v the elf for the kids to uncover the next morning.

To keep this super simple, you could handwrite the keep in mind on any kind of paper. If you space concerned about the kids recognizing her handwriting, I would certainly just kind it out. The is what ns did.


This little Candy Cane Hunt was a large hit this weekend. When the children came down Sunday morning to this note, they to be excited to start searching for the candy canes.

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Plus who doesn’t require a small activity on a weekend morning? I try to save the an imaginative elf concepts for the weekend as soon as we have much more time to gain them.


They were able to discover all the liquid canes and also then determined to hide them because that each other. I speak to that a huge mom win! let the youngsters keep hiding liquid canes and also you have the right to actually drink your coffee warm or obtain breakfast ~ above the table!

This would additionally be a cute Christmas Party video game without the Elf top top the Shelf spin to it. That is easy and inexpensive! we all love the combo!