From Memphis To las vegas / From las vegas To Memphis was a dual album through Elvis Presley exit in November of 1969. It was a substantial pop struggle and likewise reached number 5 ~ above the country charts. The was additionally an odd album.

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The very first disc is Elvis’ power at the international Hotel in las Vegas. The second disc had material recorded during the sessions in ~ American studios in Memphis however not supplied on his last album, native Elvis In Memphis. I remember receiving this album as a Christmas present and I am assuming it remained in 1969. I have constantly considered the live disc to it is in the superior of the 2 halves. In enhancement to gift his early live album, that was also a chronicle that his first live power in 8 years. When I think the Elvis’ write-up movie comeback, over there may have been a television special and studio albums, yet it was his go back to performing in prior of his fans that was the true comeback. The should additionally be provided that this performance significant the debut the guitarist extraordinaire, James Burton, who would remain with Elvis till his death.Elvis looked great on the cover. He was smiling and also dressed in a animal leather jacket. The album additionally retained the feel of an yes, really concert. His patter through the audience appears sincere and showed the he to be a little nervous.The song an option is safe. “Blue Suede Shoes,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and “All Shook Up” absent the concert in gear and also give it part energy. Elvis quickly proves that his voice is in fine kind as the crowd becomes engaged which allows him come relax. “Are you Lonesome Tonight” and “I Can’t prevent Loving You” kind an intimacy v the audience. The gives wonderful presentation of “My Babe.” the is a heartfelt vocal that allows a small strutting top top the component of Elvis. The only miss out on in the an initial half the the concert is “Hound Dog” i m sorry is usually a popular music throwaway yet does satisfy his fans.The second fifty percent of the concert leader off with the rocking medley the “Mystery Train/Tiger Man.” This is around as tough as Elvis deserve to rock at this suggest in his career. The rest of the performance would foreshadow the live reflects of the 1970’s. I might do there is no his interpretation of the bee Gees “Words.” I would certainly have preferred something indigenous his substantial catalogue. “In The Ghetto” and “Suspicious Minds” space performed just like the single releases. Elvis closes through the usual “Can’t help Falling In Love.”This live performance was not only wonderful outing; the also allowed millions of fans to re-superstructure this historic event as Elvis verified he was really back.The studio fifty percent of this release is fine yet not spectacular. The was as intended as these to be the tracks the were not used on his critical album. My favorites were “From A Jack come A King” i beg your pardon Elvis takes in a country direction and the subtle but superb vocal the “The same Is moving On.” that manages come acquit self well v a smooth vocal on Neil Diamond’s “And The Grass Won’t salary No Mind.” The rest of the album comes throughout as average. Songs such as "Stranger In My home Town," "A tiny Bit of Green" and also "Do You know Who i Am" have actually disappeared native the Elvis catalogue. All in all, from Memphis come Vegas/From las vegas To Memphis is a satifying album. The live part is essential and also the studio half is average.

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circleG wrote on July 17, 2008
Fantastic album(s) the cemented the reality that Elvis was ago and meant company with talent the was just broadening with easch pass year yet why to be these albums never ever upgraded on Cd ? Memphis come Vegas could have been released v a finish show from "69 and also VTM with outtakes. Personally i love the method the live section was blended with drums in one channel and vocals in another and also Elvis and also the bass through both. I wish part latest FTD release were combined the exact same way.
With the street of the years i wonder, why lock left out "Baby What You want Me to Do" and "What"d ns Say" on the initial album. Especially "Baby..." would have been a completley brand-new song come Presley fans after a first glimps at it given throughout the TV-Special in "68. Ns would prefer to know, how much it was missed by those who attended his historical very first live season in nearly 9 years, when the document was out. Anybody the end there that witnessed these concerts?
Elvis 3rd great album relax in a row that began with the TV unique LP. Gone to be the crappy soundtracks, now the songs supposed something and ELvis ceded each v a good performance. Not a negative song in the bunch v the standout gift Stranger In my Hometown, an R&B workout and also underrated classic. There to be to it is in more an excellent LP releases come come but in mine opinion he never recaptured the creatvity and also commitment he had actually in this Memphis sessions.
Brilliant, for sure briliant. It to be a pity the the very first show wasn´t taped, however it´s great anyway. My Babe is come me the finest song, even if every Shook Up comes close.
I remember purchase this double album top top vinyl when it came out in "69. Probably played the "Live" section the most (especially suspicious Minds), yet really favored the studio section as well. I definitely consider the studio song well over "average." It"s no surprise that Elvis take it "From A Jack to A King" in a nation direction. It had been a significant country hit for composer Ned miller in 1962. I"m certain Elvis was acquainted with it. Even so, Elvis giave the tune his very own treatment. Ns don"t diskike it, yet it"s not one of my favorite tracks.

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I vividly mental me gift in the shop buying this double LP. Getting to home and listening come the an initial (the live version) offered me tears in mine eyes and also made me have a realy rockin" night. My parental were much less pleased together they heard it countless times. I automatically taped it and made my own head phone native old little speakers no to upset my parent. Yet only come realise how wonderful the LP was. The following day ns was stunned again by the studio album. Yes, Elvis was back and knocked all others of the transforming table. Fabulous album. Don"t miss out on this one!
Mofoca22 composed on July 18, 2008
i wish i had this original. That stink sthat rca go away v it
Mofoca22 created on July 18, 2008
is ago in memphis even on cd? i have actually it ~ above cassette but its not the very same no more cuz its been played 100 times favor the concert component of it. I love the concert however i have that on cd together with many that his 69 performances ns wish opened night was the end there even closing night
This is the album that gained me hooked ~ above Elvis in Jan. 1970. I bought v money earned as a paperboy. The single Suspicious psychic piqued my attention earlier but after play this is to be the begin of a lifelong fasination v the king. Including the good treat of see him in concert 6 different times. I still have actually this original record in mine collection.
my mom acquired this for me because that christmas 1969. Among my beforehand LPs. (i started in "69 v the 68 special and from elvis in memphis) i was for this reason excited and i screamed through happiness! ns played that a lot and also i still love both albums. And those promo picture inside! yeah! ns loved "inherit the wind" and other together ballads. Ns still have my set! when some that the songs play, also now, a thrill operation thru me. What work those were together an elvis fan... The just CD version i have actually that comes close is suspicious Minds. And i have actually the vegas present on a separate cd. I don"t think the double lp was issued together a twin cd. However separately?
If ns am no absolutely wrong I as soon as read on web a report about Ernst Joergensen together he discovered the initial opening night tape from July 31