As I"ve been analysis through the lore, the been listed that a standard room Marine stands head and also shoulders from a typical human in terms of elevation (7-8ft).


While a Primarch own an average elevation of 10-11 ft.


Since the Primarchs were direct gene developments from the Emperor ns assume his elevation is additionally in this range.

Before the period of Strife, and in known background the Emperor was living amongst Humanity affecting it from the shadows. How would he have the ability to do so when his stature and immense musculature would have collection him apart from the populace?

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Paul"s an excellent answer (that over there is no proof that Emperor was together tall together Astartes), there is another allude to consider:

The Emperor that Mankind is (most likely) the most powerful psyker that ever before existed (although eldars who had an individual contact v him, dubbed his power "crude"). This method that that can alter the method he is regarded by others. For this reason if he doesn"t want to it is in noticed, then civilization won"t notice him.

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I was not able come find any sources that support your claim that the Emperor was larger than a normal human, and all the lore says that that did invest his mortal days living in secret among normal people (I don"t have digital copies of the lore books, but the Lexicanum, while a wiki is quite faithful to the lore.

We can infer from those canonical assertions and also lack of contradictory assertions that he merely wasn"t exterior the typical human selection of size. Occam"s Razor and also all that.

As for why the Astartes were taking from his genes yet were huge, remember that they weren"t specifically clones. There was a process by i m sorry the emperor developed them, yet it involved more than just a syringe full of Emperor Juice(tm), they added organs, castle rebuilt musculature, etc.

Again from the Lexicanum:

the Primarchs were created by the Emperor through the help of forbidden sciences and arcane lore acquired from the Warp

So at best they to be genetically engineered us which had aspects of your makeup influenced by the Emperor, lot like you"re no a perfect clone of your parents and can potentially be considerably larger or smaller than them, particularly once environmental determinants come into play. Arguably, there could actually it is in a many less of the Emperor"s actual hereditary code compared to her parents" in the primarchs and one might still claim that his seed to be "used" in their creation, despite the Lexicanum states they did begin as clones. But clones under the affect of science and Warp-based lore would certainly probably an outcome in far-ranging mutations (further shown by few of the traits of the primarchs like angels wing on Sanguinius and also similar).