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erection, also called Penile Erection, enlargement, hardening, and also elevation that the male reproductive organ, the penis. Internally, the dick has three lengthy masses of cylindrical tissue, recognized as erectile tissue, that space bound with each other by fibrous tissue. The 2 identical areas running along the political parties of the dick are termed corpora cavernosa; the 3rd mass, recognized as the corpus spongiosum, lies listed below the corpora cavernosa, surrounds the urethra—(a tube that transports one of two people urine or semen),—and extends forward to form the reminder (or glans) that the penis. All three masses space spongelike; castle contain huge spaces between loose networks the tissue. When the prick is in a flaccid, or resting, state, the spaces space collapsed and also the tissue is condensed. During erection, blood flows right into the spaces, causing distention and elevation the the penis. The lot of blood entering the cock can be enhanced by physical or psychological stimulation. Together blood enters, there is a short-term reduction in the rate and also volume the blood leaving the penis. The arteries moving blood to the dick dilate; this, in turn, causes tissue expansion. The veins leading from the dick have funnel-shaped valves that minimize the outflow that blood. Together the erectile tissue begins to enlarge, the extr pressure causes the veins to be squeezed against the bordering fibrous tissue, and also this additional diminishes the outflow that blood. Essentially, blood becomes temporarily trapped in the organ.

The body spongiosum go not become as erect as the corpora cavernosa. The veins are an ext peripherally located, so that there is a continuous outflow that blood in this region. This continuous circulation prevents the urethra from being broke down by the nearby tissue, i m sorry would protect against release that the semen.

The dick returns to its flaccid state when the arteries relax and begin come contract. Blood circulation is once again lessened to its usual rate and volume. Together blood drains from the erectile tissue spaces, pressure is decreased on the veins, and also flow proceeds at its normal pace. See also ejaculation.

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