Hello mums,I am 34weeks pregnant and I to be wondering if there room things one deserve to do to have actually a quicker and easier dilation and also labour,as my an initial pregnancy I had actually the most painful and long labour as a result of Pitocin induction and I dread labour once again. Then i came throughout the night primrose thingy,I don"t understand how reliable it is,maybe I have the right to start taking it beforehand enough.which of girlfriend mums have had success v EPO in subsequent pregnancies??? please aid a sister


I’m in the same boat! I had actually such a loooong, traumatic labor with my very first and ns doing every little thing I have the right to to prepare my body this time! unfortunately last time I supplied EPO (orally and also vaginally) native 36 mainly on and it didn’t do anything to assist me. I was a main overdue, 34 hour labor and had a second degree tear :(

This time I’ve to be drinking tons of red raspberry leaf tea and incorporating dates into my diet and will be eat 6 dates a day starting at 36 weeks. I’ll probably shot EPO again as well just due to the fact that I desire to do every little thing I deserve to to soften mine cervix yet I really don’t recognize if it help much