A Specialty Ophthalmology Practice devoted to the Laser treatment of Vitreous Eye Floaters.Located in Arlington, TX

1.There is a one-time consultation fee. No office or exam charges ~ that.2. There is an initial therapy fee which covers a very first and second treatment (if needed).3. For any 3rd, 4th, or subsequent ‘touch-up’ treatment (if any kind of are needed) over there is a reduced treatment fee. Over there is no time limit. Also newer or various floaters years later on will constantly be just touchup because that that exact same eye.4. Therapy fees areper eye.

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5. We accept credit & debit cards for payment, butwe do offer an almost right 5% discount because that payment through cash, personal or cashier’s check (from American or Canadian financial institution accounts). Read through this page for certain details.6. We perform not finance therapies nor execute we accept treatment Credit or various other pre-approved finance plan for clinical procedures.

7. We space not one insurance-contracted practice and we have actually opted out of Medicare.That is, we do not submit her insurance details to your insurer and wait for your decision come pay. Us will administer the papers you might need to submit the case on her own. We have the right to not carry out advice as to whether her insurance agency will pay for the procedure.See the page concerning insurance.

8. We collection fees at the time of service.

​INITIAL check FEE / CONSULTATION$250.00 (one-time fee). No Discounts.$250.00 because that initial evaluation, consultation, slit-lamp examination and dilated check of the retina and also vitreous cavity. This initial dues is due nevertheless of even if it is laser is performed or not and whether evaluating one or both eyes. This thorough visit takes about 30-45 min. The goal is to assess the health and wellness of the eye and retina, to visualize the floater(s), and determine the “treatability” and also prognosis for treatment success. We block off enough time in ~ this visit to go ahead and also treat if you wish. The is your choice.

STANDARD INITIAL treatment FEE$1,850.00 per eye for an initial two treatments (that is $1850.00 full for the first two therapies of one eye). Because that cash, check, or cashier’s check, the discounted fees is $1750.00.

SECOND therapy OF very same EYENo charge, included in initial therapy fee as defined above.​THIRD and ANY subsequent TREATMENT OF same EYE$400.00 per eye, per therapy session.For cash, check, or cashier’s check, the discounted fee is $380.00​

Any succeeding treatments in the exact same eye will be fee a facility/laser fee at $400.00 per eye every session. Many floater treatments will require much more than one treatment and some very extensive or complicated cases may advantage from lot of treatments..

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BUDGETING FOR therapy / setup EXPECTATIONS:We have uncovered the majority of diverted floater product (such just like Weiss ring-type floaters) can eliminated in the first 1-2treatments. Larger, diffuse, and also cloud-like vitreal condensations might take 3-4 therapy sessions or rarely, several. Treatments deserve to be carry out on continually days, or spaced apart in ~ the patient’s convenience. That is impractical to predict how many treatments it may take prior to evaluating the patient, and even then, it can be quite difficult.