by S.C. Naoum

Reporting Catholic news together it happens, as soon as it happens, and also before it happens, Eye of the Tiber has been delighting reader online since 2012. Now, it offers a publication that can be thrown!

The only news source brave enough to report stories favor Pope Francis’ midnight shift place at McDonalds, or Lila climbed going undercover as a fetus, Eye of the Tiber is the hilarious Catholic satire website that leaves no problem untouchable, ‘breaking Catholic news so girlfriend don’t have actually to’. S.C. Naoum created EOTT in 2011 and also has acquired a loyal and also confident following of plenty of different Catholic personalities. In his debut title, Eye of the Tiber: The Book, S.C. Brings reader a arsenal of lesser known Catholic headlines including over 60 new stories and many that his favorites indigenous the past.

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Halfway Decent prayer for the Book:

“One the the finest doorstops I’ve ever before had.” – Hilin NaoumS.C.’s wife

“I laughed until I cried. After this book, Catholics room going to need to work also harder to make everyone think we’re boring.” – Jennifer Fulwiler, #4 Google search an outcome for “socially awkward person”

“This book is terrible. Okay, that awesome. Or is it? buy it now to uncover out or acquire ten years of bad luck.” – Matt Fradd, writer of Does God Exist? A Socratic dialogue on the five Ways of St. Thomas Aquinas

“G.K. Chesterton when observed, ‘It is the test of a good religion even if it is you deserve to joke around it.’ If it is true, climate Catholicism must be a very an excellent religion. Because that years, S.C. has carried levity and also light to somber corners of the Catholic blogosphere v his Eye of the Tiber blog. Now, many thanks to this delightful brand-new book, the hilarity will spread even further. Read it, smile, laugh, and let that lighten your soul.” – Brandon Vogt, author of RETURN and founder that

“The author used to work-related at Catholic Answers but left us for something more exciting. Once that didn’t pan out, he dropped into depression. The an outcome was Eye the the Tiber.” – Karl Keating, founder of Catholic Answers


S.C. Naoum is the founder and also Chief executive Oligarch of Eye of the Tiber. He developed satire in ~ the age of 5 while solving a rubik’s cube blindfolded, and also is the first Catholic in background to it is in canonized and also made doctor of the Church while quiet alive. The is a legendary Thomist that is be able out-Thomas cutting board himself. He has been recognized to out-meditate a Trappist, out-teach a Dominican, out-Catholic the Pope, out-pious Pius’ one v twelve put together with his hand tied behind his back. That is at this time drinking whiskey.