Teaching cursive letters in a series of comparable letters have the right to be valuable for children who are simply learning letter formation. Tricks to assist with teaching cursive handwriting have the right to make all the difference when it involves carryover and legibility. Below, you will discover information around teaching cursive handwriting and letters that are comparable and need to be taught together in teams for ease of learning.

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read much more about cursive letter family members below also as an ext cursive writing strategies and also tools here and in the how to Teach Cursive Writing collection that we have actually on The OT Toolbox this month.

You deserve to find every one of the tips and also strategies for teaching cursive handwriting under the cursive composing tab up above.

Teaching cursive letter in chunks have the right to be helpful since many cursive letter are similar in formation either in starting lines or with components. Consider a lower instance cursive letter “i”. The method the start line curves up and also stops is comparable to the begin of a lower case cursive letter “t”.
Letters choose m, n, v, x, y, and z all start with a bang curve that starts indigenous the baseline and also curves up in one arch towards the middle line,
There are similarities in upper and also lowercase cursive letter that suggest a should teach letter in an order that takes cursive letter family members into account.
These space lowercase cursive letters that curve up from the baseline v a curve that adheres to the outside and left next of a circle. The curve traces ago on itself to create a curve shape.
These room lowercase cursive letters that curve up from the baseline v an reverse curve that complies with the underside and right side of a circle. The curve traces back on itself because that the strait part of the letter, yet then pulls away to either proceed with extr components that the letter or to attach to subsequent letters.
These are lowercase cursive letter that begin from the baseline v a low curve top top a 45 level angle the peaks with a bent “bump” in ~ the middle line.
These are lowercase cursive letters that begin from the baseline and also slant in ~ a 45 degree angle without a curved section at the direction change.

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Another means to differentiate cursive letters also further is to determine tow van letters. This term supplies a linguistic prompt indigenous the learning Without Tears handwriting regimen which identifies letters with a high connection point. The “tow truck letters” attach to subsequent letters in a word with a connector in ~ the middle line fairly than the baseline.