i cannot find any type of official details on the much Realm for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.Is there any published lore on the topic or is it supposed to be open up ended?



According to Dungeon Master"s Guide p.68, conveniently easily accessible on the Wizards of the Coast"s website together a PDF:

The far Realm is outside the well-known multiverse. In fact, it could be an completely separate universe with its very own physical and also magical laws. Wherein stray energies native the far Realm leak onto another plane, issue is warped into alien shapes that defy understandable geometry and biology. Aberrations such as mind flayers and beholders room either native this plane or shame by its strange influence.

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The entities the abide in the much Realm itself are too extraterrestrial for a common mind to expropriate without strain. Titanic creatures swim with nothingness there, and also unspeakable things whisper dreadful truths to those that dare listen. For mortals, expertise of the much Realm is a struggle of the mind to overcome the boundaries of matter, space, and also sanity. Part warlocks embrace this struggle by developing pacts through entities there. Anyone who has seen the far Realm mutters around eyes, tentacles, and also horror.

The far Realm has actually no popular portals, or at the very least none that are still viable. Ancient elves when opened a large portal to the much Realm in ~ a mountain referred to as Firestorm Peak, yet their people imploded in bloody terror and also the portal’s location—even its home world—is long forgotten. Lost portals can still exist, marked by an extraterrestrial magic the mutates the area about them.

Player"s Handbook, p.302, summarizes the same information.

Seeing a creature from the much Realm deserve to risk one individual"s sanity (DMG p. 265).

Githzerai thinkers are mindful of the visibility of the much Realm, and it may be linked to the aboleths in which method (MM p. 14).

Some individuals of wild magic room so afflicted due to contact with the much Realm. (PHB p. 103).

Some warlocks use the old knowledge of beings of the far Realm. Warlocks the the an excellent Old One might worship such unfathomable beings. (PHB p. 105).

Powerful, world-shattering beings known as the Elder Evils are speculated to it is in creatures the the far Realm (Mordenkainen"s Tome that Foes p. 234).

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Far realm lore from previously editions of the game can likewise be supplied in her campaign. However, much around this aircraft is purposely left unknown in stimulate to set a mysterious and unsettling atmosphere, so doing not have much rigidly defined lore might be to her advantage. Girlfriend may find it advantageous to review the works of H.P. Lovecraft because that inspiration.